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Thursday 25th May


Re: Thursday 25th May
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Hot here in the NE as well. just sat down been pottering with various things today, still got the borders and pots to water then I'm off for a nice cool shower, but first DD wants me to play a game or two with her on her new Nintendo Switch  :S


Re: Thursday 25th May
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Thanks Tamnymore for introducing me to fabulous Shuffs.  Thanks to you i was given a tour around all the different floors including the extra secret loft room.  Bought gorgeous designer fabric and a pair of awesome curtain tie backs today.  Great bargains.   <3  Will look forward to going back again. Also enjoyed refreshments at Sutton Hall and then stretched legs with a stroll along the Macc Canal.  Good to hear your train journey was on time with air conditioning working.  Hopefully you will enjoy the long weekend away from the workplace under the bright summer sky.  :toast:
Love sewing with Sapphire, Janome, Silver and Babylock.
Best friend is the serger to give that superior edge to seams  😍