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The Sewing Place Group Quilt Ideas Sheet


The Sewing Place Group Quilt Ideas Sheet
« on: September 05, 2017, 08:07:29 AM »
Can I put a shout out for some simple yet effective ideas for designs to illustrate what The Sewing Place is about ???

We have lots of categories in TSP to represent ..... Could we place these pictorial blocks inside shop windows as frames ???

I think we can combine the pictorial aspect of these with some really nice traditional (or not so traditional) Blocks as in a Sampler Quilt ... this should keep the PPP'ers busy.

I think we should keep all the ideas in one post, so either post your idea in this thread (I will add it to the list and then delete your post, Sorry :(  ) or pm me and I will add it to the list.

This will keep all the ideas on one page. I will kick the list off .....

IDEAS for BLOCKS for TSP Group Quilt .....

TSP Logo ... Imi

Dressmakers Dummy ... Imi
adorned with WIP or not

Threads, thimble, scissors ..... Vege

TSP Bear with Quilt .. Kad
Maybe that could be a 3D bit of the quilt ????

A timeline of sewing machines .... Kad
Maybe a bit complicated for Applique ... unless there is a fabric out there to embellish ?

A length of fabric with pattern laid out upon it, perhaps part cut out .... Kad (Thank you)
Nice idea

A few traditional P&Q blocks  ... Ellabella
a miniature Grandmothers Garden in EPP,
some tumbling blocks and some flying geese (Lowena could do these in varying shades of green).

Cushions and curtains.... Vege
cushions could certainly be 3D and what about some pinch pleats for the curtains?

Tutu's and ballgowns ... Vege
I had a vague thought of a back shot scene of a dance show through the proscenium arch (dancers in silhouette) ??? Imi

Faces with speech bubbles , to represent all the sewing chat that goes on ... Sheilago
(that'll be your contribution then, I hate 'drawing' faces)

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