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The Cafe / I hate belts on trousers
« on: Today at 11:19:15 »
Having finally found some straight leg jeans that I can squeeze my tree-trunk legs into fit, I find they also use the very stretchy denim the stretchy way for the waistband.  Well, I don't know about you, but I need something firm and solid to hold these stretchy jeans up (no builders bum here!)  I do dislike belts, they are so fiddly, so I decided to sew a length of ribbon around the waistband (on the outside so it doesn't irritate, and no-one gets to see round my waist, it's always well covered, if not by fat, then by clothing).  The first pair I did, it worked beautifully, the waistband stretched slightly to fit me and the ribbon sewed on easily.  Excellent. I now have three more pairs, this time a different fit, so I cut the ribbon to fit my waist, go to pin it on and find these waistbands are bigger.  Hmm.  And more hmmm.  Then my natural instincts kick in and I bodge it, just shoving the fabric along so it almost gathers but not quite and it fits.  Hurray  :)  Just need it to go cool enough for me to wear jeans again.  :S

I buy from Jaycotts, it's only £1.50 postage, and free if over (I think) £25.

Today... / Re: Its Tuesday 17th and its all quiet here
« on: Today at 08:32:09 »
The sun's out, and back to a normal colour today.  There's a chill wind blowing, feels cool after the warmth of the last week or so.  A bit of sewing I think, I need to make up the top I've been putting some embroidery on.

In the wardrobe / Re: Butterick 5526, Ottobre 5/2016 12 & 18
« on: Yesterday at 21:49:35 »
I always used to cut out on the floor too, now I can't actually kneel at all, it really hurts  :(  I have an island unit planned for my new kitchen, mainly for cutting out on, 90cm wide and 1.6m long and the right height  :)

In the past, I have put wardrobes together on my own - it was interesting when it came to the stand it up bit...

The Cafe / Re: This is the week
« on: Yesterday at 21:08:07 »
Lovely kitchen UttaRetch, I love white.  I'm having white doors on mine, but t'other half wasn't sure about white worktops as well, so we're going for a light grey.  I hate that orange/brown wood look too, all our room doors and skirting boards were that colour, I've almost painted them all white, just one door left to do.

Am I the only one who really enjoys putting Ikea furniture together?  0_0
I must have a look at some of your suggestions for furniture for my soon-to-be-built sewing room.

The Cafe / Re: Ophelia anyone?
« on: Yesterday at 14:49:47 »
Our light is very odd now - it's almost like it's evening, and the dim sun is orange.  Not really any more windy than normal here, but then we are off the track of the storm.

Best pic I can get with phone, but consider that straight at the sun would normally be dazzling...

The Cafe / Re: This is the week
« on: Yesterday at 13:32:19 »
Our kitchen fitter has just been to look at our room this morning.  We may not get him (and the kitchen) until the new year  :(  Looks like it will be the new extension (when it's finished!) then an empty room, then the current rubbish kitchen.  Good job we won't be doing Christmas this year.

Edit:  Here's my rubbish kitchen - we did put new doors on, they were disgusting old tatty dark pine ones.  Oh, and that's my new pans piled up on the cooker, ready for my new induction hob.  They may have to be packed away for a while!
And the even more disgusting joins in the worktops...

The Cafe / Re: Ophelia anyone?
« on: Yesterday at 13:24:05 »
According to local weather-boy-Winnie (sorry, Owain Wyn Evans), there is also smoke up there from Portuguese forest fires adding to the red tinge and haze.  I'm blithely carrying on regardless, assuming this isn't the end of the world??  :S

Oh dear, naughty Elvis!  But you succeeded in the end.  It may just be the design that's not a good one and the outline will always be off, it sometimes happens that designs aren't digitised that well - or so I've read.

BTW, I can't see all of your pics, can't see the first and last ones.  One of them looks like you've got a bit of a "gather" in the fabric at the edge, have you got the fabric tight enough in the hoop?  Also is it a rather loose weave fabric?  That may not work so well.  I buy ready wound bobbins, they are really cheap, and save any hassle.  Make sure you get the correct type for your machine though.
Good luck with your next project  0_0

Happy Birthday  0_0  :cake:


By the way, why do people use sewing machine covers? Asking because I've always loved to display mine, they're a conversation piece.
To keep the dust off - there seems to be lots of it in my house, and not just at the moment while we're having building work done.

Today... / Sunday 15th October 2017
« on: October 15, 2017, 07:57:41 AM »
Good morning  everyone.  It looks a little dull this morning, although it's hard to tell with the curtains still closed.  Machine embroidery for me this morning I think.

Edited to correct all the typos done while I was still in bed!  :S

Today... / Re: Saturday 14th October
« on: October 14, 2017, 20:01:24 PM »
I wish.  I haven't managed to cut mine since the end of July, it's just been too wet.  It's dull and humid today but at least the rain has stopped.
I lived in Manchester for 5 years, then Blackpool for 2 years - I know that wet-all-the-time feeling!!  So pleased we moved over here, it's so much drier  :)
It's been really warm today, so after cutting the grass front and back, we had to get in the hot tub to... oh, no, it doesn't cool us down does it!

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