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Fun with Fabric / Fabric Glee!!!!
« on: May 31, 2017, 12:33:26 PM »
Occasionally, just very, very occasionally the gods of fabric smile upon us. Today, they're smiling on ME! Woohoo yippee! I can hardly believe my luck. Bought a sort-of monk's bench for the little bay in my study and was searching eBay for fabric for cushions. Thought I'd try my luck in the curtains first because sometimes you can buy a curtain in a funny size that no one wants and the fabric is just right and cheap. Lo - amidst the curtains is - drum roll please - 6.4 mts of Zoffany Pompadour starting at £50 and no bids! The monk's bench is being painted blue and the fabric is the blue/coral colourway - it's beyond perfect. It was due to end in an hour and at that point all hell broke out in the kitchen. Alice (kitty) had managed to knock a heavy cut glass fruit bowl onto the floor. The peaches had not had a good fall. The shards of glass had spread far and wide (never liked it anyway) and Alice was hiding, terrified, in an almost unreachable corner. Consoled Alice, mopped up the remains of peaches, spent forever tracking down every last shard of glass though I bet another will surface Thursday fortnight. Then, realised that it was all over. Done, finished, auction ended - gone. Heavy-hearted, I got dinner, watched a bit of telly, went to bed.

Next day, went to the computer and found that in the kerfuffle, I hadn't switched it off the night before and so it immediately popped onto my screen - it hadn't sold! Listed in the wrong section - should have been with fabrics. Ooooer.

Messaged the seller. Would she relist? Would she consider BIN? She would! PayPal raided the account that feeds my extravagances and I waited...

It's just arrived. Still on the roll in heat-sealed wrapping from the supplier and not seconds - a lot of the Zoffany on eBay is. You have to imagine me still in the doorway desperately trying to tear off the outer packing before admitting that scissors were needed! It's 100% linen, it's heavy, it's glorious, it's quality - it's orgasmic! Ohhh, cushions? Yes, but there's enough for roman blinds for the bay too - with a blue border I think. Haven't made those before, better do some reading - except books are still packed, never mind, Utube is my friend. Better get my feet back on the ground and if Alice thinks she's snuggling into those cushions...

Sorry for the length but I just had to tell. I should also add that the seller works for a charity and the fabric was a generous donation. In view of that, I made a donation of my own both because the seller was so lovely and because if the gods are smiling, a sacrifice and some serious homage are required.

May the gods of fabric smile on you all.

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