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Tutorials / Good online tutorials for free motion embroidery?
« on: August 06, 2017, 23:21:43 PM »
Any recommendations for online fme tutorials for someone with fairly basic machine sewing skills?

My DD who is very crafty (not so much for sewing usually) has a hankering… and one of my machines that lives with her.

Publications / Good beginner's book on free motion embroidery?
« on: August 06, 2017, 23:13:17 PM »
My DD has said she'd like to learn fme (I think partly because I don't do it). Any books you'd recommend or other learning resources?

Has anyone been to the Liberty pop-up shop in Bicester Village yet? It's there for 3 months over the summer.  The purple shed

I've just replaced my lost bus pass (great timing!) and it conveniently lies on the X5 Cambridge to Oxford route so I can add my petrol money to the budget.  :D Or I might just go for a drool as I'd like another trip to the London shop in October.

I have a new unopened ironing board cover with grid markings which I bought but am thinking I should sell to someone who might use it. Was going to put it on eBay for £10 plus postage but before I do that - wondering if anyone here wants it for £10 incl postage?

With ismacs and other sites, it's wonderful to know that you can find out basic information from a Singer serial number but what about Frister+Rossmann?

I spotted this lovely old machine and looked up its serial number on needlebar  which suggests that it's from around 1869-1875, much earlier than I'd thought.  It does say that they started again from zero after WWII but I don't think it's this young either from the type of shuttle. There again its body shape doesn't look anything like the early machines I've seen on various websites and the decals are much more sleek and the lettering much 'cleaner' than the earlier types which were very ornate so that set me wondering again.

So then I did an image search and found the same machine on sewmuse with a photo at the bottom of the page of the same machine (Model D Transverse Shuttle) it was given a date of 1937 (before the WWII return to zero) but its serial number of 149109 would suggest a date between 1876-1880 on the needlebar chart. Oh dear.

Any other suggestions?

Vintage Machines / I spy a vintage machine...on Instagram
« on: July 06, 2017, 16:59:24 PM »
I hope you don't feel hoodwinked by a misleading description here with no photos...but of course, since before I actually bought my 201s, I'd already been sucked into the I spy vintage game. It's irresistible but then what do you do with that memory (soon confused memories in my jumbled mind) or the photo that you take which at best may find its way into a post but then... -<

I've been inspired by my DD's own Instagram record of the books she reads, so I've decided to start a new public account specifically for the vintage machines I keep spotting - not least because my OH has got sucked in - he spent a good 10 minutes yesterday looking at a Singer 66K with the lotus decals and then looking up the serial number on his phone! Early signs of bug infection, I think - don't you?

It would be a nice record for me, I think, and may be of interest to others when their own I spy game isn't having much luck. I don't really use Instagram effectively, mostly for following others, so I've refused most requests from friends and others as Facebook is quite enough. DD says she'll go through the hashtag business with me to help me get into other vintage machine IG circles. Now I've to get a new email set up and decide on my user name (any suggestions?).

Sewhistorical  or is that sewhysterical?
Mouse&machine (Cissie on the profile picture?)

For some reason my DD is still laughing at the last one - a bit rich since she gave me the mouse for Mother's Day.  :[

Does anyone else here use Instagram for their sewing related interests?

Patterns & Fitting / Anyone used Silhouette Patterns by Peggy Sagar?
« on: June 27, 2017, 15:59:33 PM »
Anyone tried Silhouette Patterns? I do like Peggy Sagar's videos and have seen a pattern that I like but don't just want to try and hack - the Cut Up Tee.

Her sizing measurements are a bit confusing being finished garment rather than body size but I suppose I can work that out.

It says only $3 shipping which I'm assuming must be correct for UK as I'd logged into my account which has my address details.

Does anyone else follow the Fashion & Textile Museum on Facebook ? I've done so since I visited for their Liberty exhibition a year or so ago. They don't bombard you with posts and they're always interesting or just beautiful and often both like these Turkish sewing artifacts.

Vintage Machines / Do two black beauties count as a collection?
« on: June 13, 2017, 01:12:23 AM »
Well it happened sooner than expected! Instead of a motor for my first 201K, she now has a sister treadle in a cabinet which also has a motor. :D Feeling very lucky that my OH seems to be getting interested in the mechanics & electricals.

We got her home late tonight after bringing her back from Stoke Newington and she's already out of her more modern-looking cabinet than her 1947 serial number suggests. It needs some tlc on the scratches & a watermark. I do like the striped door, not inlay we're thinking.

There are several attachments, no ruffler but I have one anyway. There is a foot that resembles a darning foot although it's tiny - I suppose because the needle doesn't swing. There's a loose hanging spring, no idea where that goes.

A few pics just for now but none of the black beauty herself as she's out for inspection. Looks very clean but she's very dry too so this will take more of hubby's time and ther wiring is burnt at the socket end so he's already reading up on that (hoping the motor can just be rewired). At least I hope to be able to use the treadle in the interim.

Vintage Machines / Singer buttonholer
« on: May 28, 2017, 00:05:05 AM »
Since I bought my 201K I've been thinking of getting a buttonholer as they're so lauded by you vintage owners. I checked Helen Howes first and saw a black one that she said was her favourite and the same one in cream. I then found the cream one below (same reference number) on eBay looking in very good condition and with the original booklet too. I've got it for £10.81 including postage!  :D Hoping to find it lying on the mat when we get back from holiday.

Any tips on the best way of getting the settings right for a beginner on these fascinating devices?

Adding Zing & Bling / Lead content in rhinestones
« on: May 24, 2017, 19:44:39 PM »
I have to admit that I'm very happy with the brand of budget rhinestones that I've now found after trying a few different types. Their sparkle is really good but I recently wondered about them after seeing some Preciosa packaging with "lead-free". I'm not one for knee-jerk reactions but I do take it seriously so I checked with the supplier who confirmed that they do have lead content although gave no detail of their precise makeup.

From my research they are only an issue if they are digested and much more dangerous for children - hence the problem in the old days when lead containing paint used to be used on baby's cots. It's a timely reminder about never allowing a child to play with a hair ornament, however.

Apparently Swarovski crystals were only reconstituted to reduce their lead levels in 2012 so anyone with a used dress can't be sure how old the crystals are. Lead poisoning is a big issue for children and I understand there is no 'safe level' standard for children. The US Consumer Product Safety rules requires a maximum of 100parts per million for children's products.

I'm confident that it's safe enough to use them on dresses etc as intended but, nevertheless, I'm wary now of allowing my DGD to fix them directly onto her skin with eyelash glue. In ballroom dance competitions, children aren't allowed to wear any bling until the age of 12 although they may do so in shows, of course, and the dance floor is often sprinkled with crystals that have fallen off dresses.

In disco/freestyle comps very young children often wear totally blinged-up costumes so I think it would be helpful if more was known about this but not in a panicked over-reaction as the glue they're using to fix them onto the costumes may well be causing more damage to more people inhaling the fumes than the crystals are likely to do in normal use.

The Show Must Go On / Anyone done an FBA on a lycra leotard?
« on: May 24, 2017, 19:04:50 PM »
My DGD is a 32D but I often get away with her leotard patterns fitting well enough for just a little tweak.

Sometimes there's a bit more gaping in the armhole to be fixed than a simple tweak will resolve and I keep thinking I should try an FBA like this one  specifically for knits in a pattern without an existing dart. Has anyone else tried it or uses a different method?

Vintage Machines / Feet for Singer 201K
« on: May 15, 2017, 21:35:34 PM »
I'm short of a few feet for my 201K, namely a ruffler, pin tuck guide and something else that just slips my mind -  :[  . I see lots of them on eBay but they often say for several different machines including those that I think are smaller size models. The set below is selling for use with '201/221/66/28 ETC'. Will they really fit all these models?

If not, is there a way of identifying the right feet?

Overlockers & Coverstitchers / Bernina L220 coverstitcher on eBay
« on: May 13, 2017, 23:17:41 PM »
For anyone looking for a used Bernina coverstitch machine (same model as Juki MCS1500) you may like to know there's currently one on ebay here . It concludes Monday 21:24, not a lot of useful information from the seller so you may want to ask them precisely what it includes.

It's the model I bought about a year ago and it's been wonderful - very well behaved and not as fussy as many of the others seem to be (Juki excluded  ;) ).

If you follow this board you can't fail to have noticed that the vintage bug that I've been shaking off for a while is getting a strong hold of me! I keep seeing these lovely things everywhere I look - ok, it's not surprising as I keep checking eBay & Gumtree but I keep coming across them in shops now too. One thing that's making it difficult is not knowing the relative merits of some of the models I'm seeing.

I've been reading Helen Howes advice on buying a machine and think her suggestion of starting with a round bobbin machine is a good one. She specifically mentioned the 15, 66, 99, 201 & 185 but I'm struggling to get a grip on how these machines compare, their strengths and weaknesses that would help me know if one or other models would be the more desirable or best fit for me.

This page associated with eBay gave me a few pointers and made me think the 66 might be a good one to look for as it sounds a good all-rounder and I've not a specific type of sewing in mind so the ability to cope with both thick and thin would be an advantage.

Anyone want to offer an opinion or point me elsewhere to improve my research?

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