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I'd recommend using your overlocker.  Definitely use some sort of non-stretch tape on the shoulders.  For the sleeves, I now sew them in before sewing the sleeve and side seams, much easier on the overlocker.

Today... / Re: Sunday 17th December
« on: Today at 08:24:15 »
Really hard frost here, it looks very pretty outside.  The forecast says it's getting up to a whole 4 degrees this afternoon.  Today is putting up battens for the curtain tracks that I ordered but haven't arrived - I now have some more waiting to be collected at Dunelm, but we're not driving in this icy weather.  There are four windows and double doors in this room, so a few to do.  I bought the curtains a few weeks ago, will be lovely to hang them, oh, I think I need to shorten the ones for the doors, bother!

The Cafe / Re: Made a very hard decision today
« on: Yesterday at 18:56:39 »
Thank you UttaRetch, it has been a heart-rending decision, but we feel it is the right one, for us, for Poppy and ultimately for Lucy.  She is not a timid dog, and seems to actually like the people coming and going, but will not be touched or go on a lead. 

The Cafe / Made a very hard decision today
« on: Yesterday at 17:10:45 »
After many days of tears, we've decided we have to return Lucy the rescue dog.  It's not just the wees and poos on the fortunately-about-to-be-thrown-out carpet, but the effect she has on our Poppypuppydog,  who is constantly trying to play with Lucy and therefore we're telling her off a lot which isn't fair to her.  Also, maybe selfishly, we are missing the fuss we used to get from Poppy, as all her attention is now on Lucy and trying to play with her.  Lucy hasn't really got any better about us touching her, and still won't even move if you put a lead on her.
It's a shame, she's such a sweet tempered dog, but I can't cope with getting no affection back from her.

Today... / Re: Saturday 16th December
« on: Yesterday at 11:30:32 »
Scores so far today for Lucyrescuedogwho'sdaysheremaybenumbered - outside - 1 poo and 1 wee, inside - two wees and one poo  :angry:  :o  :S
They are currently shut in the kitchen while we are painting and filling all the gaps round the door frame, windowsills, and skirting boards - the builder isn't one for finer details it seems.

On the plus side, I've only had to re-set the heating twice and the internet once (so far) today.
And it's lovely and sunny outside, a good frost this morning as well.

Today... / Re: Friday 15th December and.....
« on: Yesterday at 11:27:33 »
Thanks peeps  :)

Today... / Re: Friday 15th December and.....
« on: December 15, 2017, 19:56:48 PM »
Good evening, it's been another one of those days today!  At least the holes in the floors of the old lounge, kitchen and spare bedroom have now been filled in and we have sockets and cooker connections in the correct places ready for the kitchen in the new year.  We almost have a proper doorway to the extension, maybe one day soon we'll have a door hung too.   We have some radiators in the extension, and most of the time, the heating works.  I've even managed to clean all the plaster and gunk off the windows and window frames.  We have the new tv working via the wifi, the cables/connections for freesat don't seem to be working though.  And if I remember correctly, we've only had one wee accident indoors from Lucyrescuedog, and NO indoor poos - maybe things are looking up.
Ah, the heating has gone off again...

Today... / Re: Thursday (I had to check the calendar) 14th December
« on: December 14, 2017, 16:41:42 PM »
To be fair, the workmen are ok, it's just messy work.  The builder is the worst, I've just found my garden shoes full of sawdust and they were miles away from where he was sawing...  :angry:

Takeaway kebab tea tonight, with plenty of cider!!!

In the wardrobe / Re: Remaking my prom dress
« on: December 14, 2017, 16:08:20 PM »
Another vote for keeping the dropped waist, and re-gathering the skirt.  It's a super colour  :)

Today... / Re: Thursday (I had to check the calendar) 14th December
« on: December 14, 2017, 15:58:51 PM »
Has anyone got a spare bedroom and would like a visitor for a few weeks?  I can't cope with the mess and all the workmen any more!  Today they are digging up the old lounge and kitchen floor to lay water pipes, and digging up the spare bedroom floor for radiator pipes.  T'other half has seen the mess in the kitchen, he says I don't want to know!  Hopefully the bedroom won't be so bad as I covered everything with dust sheets in there, just never thought about the kitchen.  The even more fun part is we have to get the dogs through the two rooms to get them outside, and Lucy the rescue is not fully house trained, and won't walk on a lead either, so just has to be shooed through.  Add in to this the garden is so trashed and muddy, the porch floor is absolutely filthy, and we just can't let the dogs in the main part of the garden.  And we had a delivery of logs that had to stacked away, a new tv to set up, although we still have to connect the cables to the satellite dish (we only get freesat here).  The builder is of course still here as well, sawing bits of wood and making more mess.  There may have been tears at one point this afternoon when Lucy dog almost bit Poppypuppy, who was constantly trying to play when Lucy didn't want to. 
Just excuse me while I go and cry in a corner...

Today... / Re: Wednesday 13th December and the snow is thawing
« on: December 13, 2017, 16:04:11 PM »
We now have all the windows back in and the house is warming up a bit.  There is so much stuff in the new room that we currently can't be bothered to move it all to light the log burner yet, and the builder and electrician would probably complain they are too hot if we did!  I think it's a good job the plumber hasn't turned up today as well.
Last night was our new dog's first trip to the groomer, she didn't appreciate someone trying to make her look like a proper poodle, we got called back to help hold her, poor little girl, then ended up not getting back and having our teas until 9pm last night.  At least she can see a lot better now her face has been trimmed, although not very short as she hated the noise of the clippers.

Aaand, an hour and half later, now the electricity is back on, I can post this  :S

Today... / Re: Tuesday 12th December brrrrrr
« on: December 12, 2017, 15:13:44 PM »
15 minutes sit down here before we're back at it, clearing the stored junk from the spare bedroom so the plumber and electrician can get in tomorrow.  The current lounge is nearly empty, but can't clear the rest until the builder has gone, as he's sawing skirting boards on our new (albeit temporary)carpet - he really doesn't seem to care about how much mess he makes, even walked in on the carpet with his dirty boots this morning! 
In contrast, the window fitters are so clean, I don't think there will be anything at all to clean up after them!  Loving the new windows, as the old ones had a horizontal divide that was just at eye level, the new ones have a vertical divide, so I can see out without having to duck and peer under the frame.  They will be back tomorrow as well, that's lots of teas and coffees! 
Despite it being still around freezing here, even with windows out it's not been too cold as there's very little wind. And we even had a tiny sprinkle of snow last night, just a tiny bit, not even enough to cover the grass.

The Cafe / Re: Stumped!
« on: December 11, 2017, 21:23:07 PM »
WARNING!!  Grumpy Old Woman Post!!!   :devil:

This what bugs me about the whole Christmas thing, that we "have to" buy people something, even though there's nothing they want or need.

Sorry, I'll go away now and carry on trying to ignore Christmas, not difficult given everything that's going on with this house!

The Cafe / Re: Getting rid of the messy house
« on: December 11, 2017, 21:12:27 PM »
Talking of drying washing, apparently dehumidifiers are good in a small room - and we now have the one bought to dry out the extension, so I'm looking forward to seeing how well it works for washing.

Today... / Re: Even snowier Monday 11th December
« on: December 11, 2017, 17:46:03 PM »
Wet and very cold here, no snow, just mud.  At least now we have the board down from the doorway to the extension (no door yet!) and - a log burner  :D 0_0 :D 0_0  We've painted my sewing room  0_0 , and tonight we need to put the temporary carpet down ready for moving stuff in there tomorrow - while the new windows are put in the rest of the house, which may be a tad parky!

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