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The Cafe / Re: Aqua Manda?
« Last post by Kenora on Yesterday at 23:46:57 »
I'm "of a certain age" - but it wasn't my cup of tea the first time around, so I'll be giving it a miss this time too.  :(
The Cafe / Aqua Manda?
« Last post by Efemera on Yesterday at 23:12:19 »
All those of a certain age will remember this....I see it’s been relaunched but not by the now defunct Goya..has anyone tried it? gets some bad reviews on Amazon.
I’m dithering about buying it...
The Cafe / Re: How can it get any worse.......?
« Last post by BrendaP on Yesterday at 23:06:32 »
Personally I`d be very tempted to tell all guests that the cooker has definitely died and can`t be replaced so they will have to bring all the food themselves - either that or give them all sandwiches (but that might just be me being Bah Humbug)

Yes, that's you being Bah Humbug  :fish: :fish:

There's never a good time for an oven to die, but two days before a planned big event is about the worst the timing could be - other than it dying on the day.  As Lowena says, it's the company that counts though.  An SOS to them to help would be in order - maybe someone near enough geographically could do a tin of roasties, wrap them in foil and then a blanket and they could be still reasonably warm to go with slow cooked casseroles and of course the vegies to be cooked on the hob.
The Cafe / Re: Made a very hard decision today
« Last post by BrendaP on Yesterday at 22:52:22 »
Bodgie, you know Lucy better than any of us here and you know Poppy and your lifestyle/situation.  It's a decision you (and your OH) had to make.  If there is something in Lucy's background which makes her not suited to what you can offer her then the sooner you make the break the better it will be for all, hard as it will be to part with her.  There could well be someone else who is just right for her.

After we lost the old dog earlier this year everyone was saying to Terry 'get a rescue dog, a new puppy might outlive you!' but he wouldn't.  His reasoning is that with rescued dogs you don't know what might be in the background from their past.  He did say a few weeks ago that his friend (younger than him and who also has a young red labrador who goes loopy playing with George) has said that should anything happen to Terry, then he would be happy to take him, so if george does outlive him.....
Today... / Re: Saturday 16th December
« Last post by Sandra on Yesterday at 22:02:36 »
I really liked Gemma and thought she was unfairly under marked on many of her dances.... I thought she had some of the nicest dresses too and looked lovely.

Standfast & Barracks in Lancaster used to print Liberty tana lawn and many of us drank from the font of fabulous fabric at their factory shop or katsfabrics on ebay.

We were inconsolable when they stopped printing Liberty (although luckily we had had the foresight to stock up on all the Liberty tana lawn we would ever need and then some).

 I've just checked their facebook page and I see they are now stocking their own brand of Classic Lawn at £6.99. Some nice designs and looks comparable to Liberty. Goodie. An excuse to swerve off the M6 at J34 on next trip oop north. DH will be pleased!  :devil: :devil: :devil:
Today... / Re: Saturday 16th December
« Last post by Pearl on Yesterday at 21:14:48 »
I voted for Gemma and Aljaz (six times) but Joe and Katya were worthy winners.
Today... / Re: Saturday 16th December
« Last post by Sandra on Yesterday at 20:46:46 »
I've enjoyed watching Joe. I didn't know who he was before watching this....Katya's choreography's been great. They've done some lovely routines.

It's still live on TV now and I haven't a clue who's going to win.

Welcome to The Dark Side / Re: Finally ....
« Last post by supergran on Yesterday at 20:35:07 »
And there was me thinking you were going to tell us about some wondrous ruler type thing that would help us keep our seams perfect without gluing up the needle plate or shifting at the crucial moment, so that we didn't go cross eyed keeping the fabric on the titchy little mark on the needle plate!  :ninja:
Patterns & Fitting / Re: Lisette/Butterick 6423 - Lovely coat pattern
« Last post by Tamnymore on Yesterday at 20:09:11 »
Well, get yourself some nice fabric, Sewbee, and that's your Christmas project sorted! Or, wait and see if Mandors has a sale and make it in January.
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