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The Cafe / Re: Ophelia anyone?
« Last post by Elnnina on Today at 17:26:55 »
Hello Sewbee, oh I do feel for you if you suffer from Vertigo, I can quite understand how the mountains can and have affected you.    I do hope you can keep yourself safe and that you are not too affected by vertigo now that you are away from the mountains.  Interesting about the organs changing and then not returning to normal when back at sea level.  Take care!

I certainly could not go on an aircraft or travel by train these days, as I have lost half of my balance system and have had to retrain my brain to hopefully make the remaining balance organ work for the whole body.  I still get caught out with odd things happening that disturb me, and until these sorts of things happen I don’t know that it is going to affect me and then I have to deal with this.  I do not like verticals, scenery rushing past me, vibrations when walking over a walkway over a main road – this is a really weird sensation and if too many people are on the walkway then I am likely to fall to the ground as I cannot cope with this – well my brain cannot cope with this.  Motorways are another problem as there is just too much traffic across all carriageways, and looking out sideways when in a car is another no no.  Even seeing some things on the television can disturb me, and I have to look away or go out of the room.   Seeing snow falling is another horrible sensation. I have given up driving as I do not like the constant turning of the head, and if I was sitting alongside someone operating a sewing machine, I do not like seeing the movement of the needle going up and down.  Stretching up to reach something high up in a cupboard or bending down to the lower shelves also causes me no end of problems, and I just have to stop and stand still/hold on to something until the sensation passes.

So I have no choice but to adapt and try and keep myself safe.    I go to hydrotherapy with Twopence, and she is learning too how even the water movement in the pool can suddenly send me wobbling – I just have to stop and either hold on to something or stand very still until my head sorts itself out.

However I am certainly glad that the horrid colour sky from earlier in the week has gone, now this afternoon I am in cloud and again I am glad I am indoors,  My grandson has just been collected by his father who lives about 20 minutes away and was surprised to climb up the hills to my village and to find this horrible murkiness – just glad that my grandson phoned to ask for a lift home after school tonight as I wouldn’t have been happy having him walk up through woods and across fields.
Vintage Machines / Re: Charity shop find 2 : Bernina 830 Record
« Last post by Barnyard on Today at 17:11:36 »
Madame. That is exactly the one I was looking at so thank you for the info. I shall save my pennies and will not be getting one now.
Please don't go out of your way but any help would be greatly appreciated.  <3

Now to find something to sew  :P

The Cafe / I need to re-introduce the Rant Thread
« Last post by sewingj on Today at 17:11:29 »
94 year old father needs his ears syringing - GP who visits him in Care Home tells him to book an appointment at surgery.  I attempt to do this and am told the machine is broken and they aren`t getting another and I need to go to Specsavers and pay £35 per ear.  (This was a couple of months ago)

Father reports back to GP who says they are getting another machine

I attempt to make another appointment and am told they haven`t got it yet  and to try again in a few weeks.

I try again and am told in a very secretive fashion that they might have got a machine but they aren`t allowed to make any appointments yet.

Last week  I managed to book him an appointment but it was cancelled on the morning.

Yesterday GP says they have definitely got a new machine and he can`t understand what the problem is.  Today I phone again and receptionist says she doesn`t know if they are making appointments - she will check and phone me back.  Two hours pass and she phones and tells me they have got a new machine but until the official guidelines are put in place they aren`t allowed to use it and she doesn`t know when that will happen.

Give me strength
The Cafe / Re: Lurking M&S again
« Last post by BrendaP on Today at 17:06:01 »
I agree with Missie - if you have a gorgeous patterned fabric the cut needs to be plain.  If you want lots of style detail then go for a plain fabric to show off the design.
Tutorials / Re: Sleeves
« Last post by warpbywarpweft on Today at 17:01:13 »
Thank you for posting this!  I made a toile today from a ready to go pattern with an utterly baffling sleeve, now I understand, it had so much ease it was silly!  It has a nice small arm hole though.
The Cafe / Re: Lurking M&S again
« Last post by sewingj on Today at 17:01:00 »
Reminded me of your fantabulous coat Utta - perhaps you should offer your services to M&S
The snap-on adapter for older Berninas, as in one of these:

will break your needle!

(Ask me how I know this....)

Sole plates - unless they are bona fide Bernina ones*, which differ from widely-available sole plate feet for every other sewing machine going - site the needle hole in totally the wrong position.

You can get a Chinese low-shank adapter, to fit to the Bernina-shank adapter, which will take non-Bernina sole plates, but this is a bit of a faff solution, tbh imo (I have one).

The basic feet, that is the ones that will have originally come with the machine, are relatively common, and you can often buy them on ebay for around a fiver each. If I get chance later I will cobble together some Bernina foot info, which you might find useful  :)

*which I have never seen in the flesh, and cost £££s
Vintage Machines / Re: Charity shop find 2 : Bernina 830 Record
« Last post by Barnyard on Today at 16:48:31 »
Thank you all for the replies. I have been looking on ebay and other places to see if I can get a set of snap on feet and an adaptor but they all seem to be listed for Brother and Singer machines and I am not sure they will fit even with the Bernina snap on adaptor fpr older machines. Anyhow, both the brand new foot control, new bobbins and the bed/table arrived today. I must say I was somewhat fearful of plugging the machine in and being devastated that it was dead.


It runs sweet as a nut. PHEW!!

I think I have been very fortunate considering the machine, new Bernina foot control, replacement bed and 5 Bernina bobbins has cost me the princely sum of just under £120.  :) :D

The Cafe / Re: Spot the mistake
« Last post by Bodgeitandscarper on Today at 16:47:04 »
Spot the pic ????
  Oh yes... oops!
The Cafe / Re: Spot the mistake
« Last post by Iminei on Today at 16:42:24 »
Spot the pic ????
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