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In the wardrobe / Lost my mojo
« on: Yesterday at 19:17:26 »
Ugh, what do you do when you lose it? I have so many plans, stacks of fabric waiting to go, yet I haven't finished a garment since October.

I've nearly done the quilt. I guess once that is out of my system I'll get back to it but right now I'm thinking of the 1 pattern three ways competition (I was just going to start with a very simple striped t-shirt) but haven't yet mustered the strength to clear the dining room table.

Maybe that's it... my house has been a mess since Christmas and I can't seem to get on top of it! We still have two boxes of Christmas decs languishing in the dining room.

The Cafe / Do you like gin?
« on: February 16, 2018, 10:51:10 AM »
I hope it's OK to share a wee plug for the family.

My boyfriend's Dad and partner are starting a sloe gin business! I have elected myself as official taster.

Her sloe gin is seriously the best and I know gin! (Trust me I'm off to the London Gin Festival for the fourth year in a row tomorrow!) It's like a delicious tasting syrup it's just amazing. I get a bottle for most Christmasses and have to slowly eek it out so I have enough to last all year.

Anyway their gin won't be done for 2 years as they just planted 400 sloe bushes on their land and need to wait for it to grow. Distilling room is on its way though. The brand is Puddlebrook Gin and they're doing a regular blog to follow along how the works are going, I thought some might be interested.

Welcome to The Dark Side / Shimmer block, in this?
« on: January 21, 2018, 22:58:32 PM »
This fabric is the one my step mum in law would LOVE.

I really like it, except for the blocky one (bottom right). They also do a cream version of the bottom left that isn't in this pic.

I love the shimmering triangles block and it seems doable for me as it's similar to what I've been doing with the HSTs.

Do you think it would work in these colours? Lots of pattern but not enough contrast? Maybe if I found a few more creamy coloured contrasts?

I don't mind if it doesn't POP completely. I don't think that would suit her decor. More of a "keep finding pretty patterns when you look closer" sort of quilt than something really obvious on first glance.

Welcome to The Dark Side / Blue quilt
« on: January 16, 2018, 09:27:46 AM »
A friend of mine is giving me some fabric she has. It's all blue and cream. She said all the pieces are "fat eights" so quite small about 25cm square, but she has three pieces of each colour. Colours would go perfectly in my living room which has navy sofas and all the cushions are grey, cream and blue.

Not sure how much there is but ideas?!

I really like this "plus" layout:

Today... / Saturday 13th January
« on: January 13, 2018, 01:01:37 AM »
I never get to start Today. Is this cheating?

The Cafe / Welcome to the admin team...
« on: January 11, 2018, 10:29:03 AM »
Hello everyone,

We've had a lot of announcements recently and I promise this is the last one (for a while, hopefully!)

For the past year myself, Iminei and Andy have been running the forum as a trio. Andy helps with the hosting side of things, setting up the forum software initially and supporting is with the server side issues. Iminei works on the ground swatting away all those spammers, keeping everything running within the forum and also handling all of our financial administration. I've been working on adding new features to the forum and (hopefully) making it look nice and be easy to use.

However we have decided to add another member to our admin team. Acorn contacted us to offer services as a moderator, but we decided that her skillset was just too good to pass up. Acorn has and continues to work on forums and has loads of amazing web experience that we will definitely be utilising, so we'd like to officially welcome Acorn to the administration team!

In the wardrobe / Changes to "In The Wardrobe"
« on: January 09, 2018, 14:31:31 PM »
Hello everyone!

We recently did a bit of a survey to find out what people liked about the forum, and what needed to change.

We took the ideas to our subscribership and asked for opinions on how the boards should be structured. There were lots of great opinions on the "In The Wardrobe" board and we now seek to improve it.

New child boards

We are pleased to introduce two new child boards: Technical Help and Members' Diaries.

Technical help is a perfect place for asking questions regarding techniques, the best way to achieve something, fit problems and more.
Members' Diaries should hopefully prove popular for those who are keen to wardrobe plan, SWAP, or even just post long blog-like threads discussing their regular sewing achievements. We encourage you to create a diary as your personal space on TSP!
Pattern Discussion is the newly renamed Patterns & Fitting child board, ideal for posting pattern releases, assistance searching for patterns or questions regarding patterns you have.

Hopefully everyone enjoys the new changes. We will run like this likely until the next survey in 2019!

Welcome to The Dark Side / Uh oh you may have won me over...
« on: January 08, 2018, 19:45:13 PM »
OK then, how do I start?!

I am quite pleased with my little BOM block and how it went together really quite nicely. I had a voucher for a fabric place that does a lot of quilting cottons so I've only gone and bought some  :P

I've got two directional prints, two non-directional, and a bright solid and two light solids. 8 FQs in total. I am sure I can buy more because I have no idea what size I want at the moment if I'm honest, something to throw over the back of a small sofa.

Looking at some blocks. When I tried quilting before I tried strips and that is where it went wrong... so I think I need to start with blocks? Anyone got any good beginner blocks to try?

I've been working on clearing out all the cupboards, drawers, areas etc of our house. Just working on one or two drawers at a time.

I just cleared out one cupboard which is a bit of an "abyss". It's one of those ones that you can't get into that easily as it's partially blocked. It's been our "bag cupboard" since we moved in.

I have just found nearly 40 bags. Bags for life, hessian ones, coolbags, normal plastic bags... SO MANY BAGS. It's ridiculous that I bought all of these to try and be better and not use plastic and then I've probably used more resources than I would have anyway. Grrr. I feel really stupid. At least it's a collection of several years.

Luckily our local foodbank are happy to take them so they will get a second life.

The Cafe / Welcome New Moderators!
« on: January 08, 2018, 11:11:16 AM »
Hello everyone,

As you may have seen in our New Year announcement, we have been accepting applications for new moderators. As we're now nearly at the end of our first year, we decided it was time to introduce some new people to help with the daily running of the forum.

Roger joins us as a global moderator. He is of course well known amongst the Vintage Machines crew but will now be helping us keep everything spick and span elsewhere. Please welcome Roger to the mod team!  <3

Venturing from the dark side, Lowena joins us as a global moderator. We all know Lowena as one of our most chatty members so we're really happy to have her on board as a mod.  <3

Manuela joins us as the new Sewalong moderator - your go to person for all new Sewalongs taking place! <3

Thanks a bunch everyone and a round of applause for our new mod team.

Hello everyone! As discussed in our suggestions thread over Christmas we now have a list of a few things we'd like to implement, fix up, change about et cetera.

Here is a list of all suggestions that we plan to carry out. The forum will be one year old in March so we're really happy with how the forum has changed since then, but we hope to have these items in place for our one year anniversary!

Technology Upgrades

  • We plan to upgrade our server with some additional security software including increasing our back-up schedule. - We are currently taking twice-daily backups of the site.
  • Improve the experience for viewing photos that have been attached to a post with some small style changes
  • Working to improve how the gallery works to encourage more use
  • Investigate why some users don't receive their confirmation email once they've been approved and providing easier contact to administrators so no one is locked out!
  • Improve the code that runs the forum behind the scenes - this is an ongoing task and won't be immediately obvious to all members but instead allows us to build in new features in the future.
  • Purchase an SSL certificate to offer even more security to members

Forum Workings

  • Patterns and Fitting board to become Pattern Discussion only with all wardrobe projects sitting in the main In The Wardrobe board. - Done!
  • Add labels to the For Sale boards for easier filtering.
  • A feature to @mention members (which will send an email, optionally, to the mentioned user) - implemented but currently in testing

New Moderators
  • We will be shortly appointing new moderators - Done! Welcome Lowena and Roger
  • We may also have a new member of the admin team joining us, which we're very excited about! - Done! Welcome Manuela

Things we won't be implementing at present
  • Unfortunately we cannot add an empathy button as requested, the software doesn't allow it, but we have put in a request for it to be added possibly in the future, though we can't say if it will.
  • Email notifications for "liked" posts - again not something we can currently do but has been requested

Thanks for all your suggestions, and here's to a fab 2018 for The Sewing Place!

Welcome Lounge and Information / Call for moderators!
« on: January 05, 2018, 17:24:51 PM »
Call for moderators!

As TSP's first year nearly draws to a close, we'd like to consider adding a few more volunteers to the administration. We're looking for three moderators to go forward with in our second year of running.

Global Moderators

What is a global moderator?
A global moderator has the ability to moderate on any part of the forum, rather than being limited to just particular areas.

What are the duties of a global moderator?
The duties include making sure members adhere to the membership agreement and use best judgement when dealing with those who break it. As per our membership agreement we'll defend to the death your right to make your point, however unpopular it may be.  However, you do not have a right to flame other members - this is an important aspect of an open and fair forum so moderators need to keep cool and remain above the topic.

Do I get anything in return?
You will gain full access to all perks that subscribers receive without the monthly/annual fee as thank you for your service.

What do I have to do/be to qualify
  • Be present on the forum regularly. A few times a week is great. Daily is ideal. We understand sometimes life gets in the way.
  • Be willing to talk to the admin off the forum as well as on (e.g telephone calls when required)
  • We ask that you have been a member of TSP for at least 3 months

If you think you'd like to be a moderator, please send a message to me with a short paragraph about why you think you'd be a great moderator. We will only be appointing two moderators at present, but as the forum grows we will need more and you will still be considered even if you are not appointed this time.

Sewalong Moderator and Organiser

What is a sewalong moderator and organiser?
One of the suggestions for the following year was more consistent sewalongs. This is an area of the forum we would really like to improve on but it is quite time intensive. Therefore we are looking for a moderator who can run the sewalongs. You will be in charge of running the sewalongs yourself, but assistance will be provided.

What will I moderate?
The sewalong moderator will only have the ability to moderate forum content within the Sewalong and Competition forum.

What are my responsibilities?
  • Help develop the sewalong calendar with input from the membership
  • Post the sewalong threads and voting
  • Answer all questions relating to the rules of the sewalong (also developed by you) to make sure that the entries are fair to all
  • Compile pictures of entries and upload them (advice and direction will be given)

Please note, this role means you will no longer be able to win a sewalong due to conflict of interest but you will be able to "play along" should you choose to.

Do I get anything in return?
You will gain full access to all perks that subscribers receive without the monthly/annual fee as thank you for your service.

If you think you'd like to be a sewalong moderator, please send a message to me with a short paragraph about why you think you'd be a great sewalong moderator.

Sewing Spaces and Furniture / Pegboard Wall
« on: January 03, 2018, 20:06:47 PM »
I am very excited  0_0 Boyfriend has agreed that for my birthday, we can put up a pegboard wall in the dining room (aka sewing room) for me to keep my tools on.

Currently we have two very wonky shelves loaded up with stuff. I need a good clear-out anyway but I'm excited to get the room looking neater.

This is how it currently looks:

The plan is to put up a pegboard, which we will be drilling ourselves from plywood.

Some inspiration:

It will likely take a while to get all the little bits as I want racks for thread, some hooks et cetera as well as shelves.

House Beautiful / Giant floor cushion
« on: January 03, 2018, 13:58:36 PM »
My first planned project for 2018!

OK, so about three years ago Harvey's the curtain people did this promotion where they gave away a metre of fabric for free. All you had to do was request it. They wanted people to make things with the fabric and share their creations. Soooo of course I never got round to it. I also made my boyfriend apply so I got two free pieces of fabric in the post.

The pieces are a gorgeous thick upholstery weight exactly 1m square with a silver houndstooth print on them (called "Patina" if you fancy searching it).

I decided a while ago I wanted to make a floor cushion with it and this will be my next project as part of continuing house improvements.

The idea is to make a very thick, square cushion that can slide under our loveseat and come out when we have people over. We have people over a lot and we tend to end up drinking and eating around the coffee table and inevitably one (or sometimes two) people end up sat on the floor which is OK for a bit but gets a bit sore after a while. It's usually me to be honest, so I'm quite excited about having a floor cushion!

I want to pipe the seams, probably with black velvet (rather than using the fabric as I don't have a tonne of it). I also want to make it unzippable so I will use a chunky metal exposed zip down one length.

I'm going to order the foam from a foam specialist which will be cut to size.

OK here are my queries if anyone has any ideas:

* How much ease should I allow between expected finished size and foam insert? For example, I was thinking of making the square top 70cm square. I need to figure out how deep (need to work out how I can cut the side panels out of the fabric and still have a nice square top and bottom).
* What thickness piping should I buy (with velvet, I can't be bothered to buy it. Too expensive to buy velvet to cut on the bias)
* Any other ideas from people who have tackled something like this before?

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