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I didn't post the second picture.  Here us the dress - all unfinished and un-pressed.
Do we have to post a certain number of times on this thread and take photos during construction as in previous sewalongs?  If so I've left it a bit late so I'll have to take a pic as I'm doing the hem or adding the pockets!
I'm coming to the end of my first garment.  I've lowered the neckline (it's still higher than I'd like, but lowering it further would be a major task because of the yoke).  The next version was never destined to have the yoke, so it won't be an issue there, but for the third I may have to make myself a new yoke pattern piece and change the neckline of the dress where it joins on to the dress (actually that one will be a top) as well.

I also had to narrow the shoulders, curve the back seam (which was straight - why?) and shape the sides rather more than the (customised) pattern in order to stop it from looking like a tent.  Or possibly a sack.  It would probably look better if I took it in a bit more, but I don't like wearing close-fitting things.  Oh the dilemma between appearance and comfort!
The Cafe / Re: RIP Nick Wright
« Last post by HenriettaMaria on Yesterday at 20:51:36 »
Oh, good grief, they really have had it hard.  I'm one of their crowdfund backers and I had a mailing from Nick in December that said, "Shortly after eventually receiving the forgings for the Kutrite pattern in August, both of our senior craftsmen, Cliff and Eric, suddenly went off work with illnesses. Those illnesses each turned out to be life-threatening - prostate cancer and a brain bleed respectively."

I wondered why it had all gone quiet since.  Now I know why.  Ghastly.
The Show Must Go On / Re: Elizabethan costume - Uni Project
« Last post by Tamnymore on Yesterday at 20:48:34 »
Not quite the same thing but a colleague in an illustrious uni told me once that she had a box of student essays to mark on the floor of her office and a cleaner binned it  Couldn't (or maybe that should be 'shouldn't) happen nowadays as we have to lock away such things.
In the wardrobe / Re: It’s a wrap!
« Last post by Mocarroll on Yesterday at 20:44:08 »
If you look at the layout for pieces 1 and 2 which are the right and left bodice. The shoulder of one points to the right and the other to the left. The result is that my horizontal pattern had one side “ upside down”. To turn piece 1 180degrees wouldn’t have needed more fabric yet would have made both sides the right way up!
The Show Must Go On / Re: A Stitch In Time - TV series
« Last post by HenriettaMaria on Yesterday at 20:42:51 »
The garments from the series are on display at Ham House, Richmond, Surrey now until 29 April:

I might try to get there during the Easter break!
Welcome to The Dark Side / Re: Uh oh you may have won me over...
« Last post by Francesca on Yesterday at 20:42:04 »
I have already done that on the corners. It's fine on the long stretches of the binding, it's just the corners which are hard to mitre as there isn't enough to work with.
That's tough GG as you have spent so much time and effort. Maybe have a break from it. I recently made a New Look dress for DD and have had to chop over 2" off the bodice and she is 5' 10".
The Show Must Go On / Re: Elizabethan costume - Uni Project
« Last post by HenriettaMaria on Yesterday at 20:39:26 »
So jealous!  I made  a wonderful [ish] QE1 cos for a school play years ago, farthingale and all...and my moronic ex hyusband threw it away [because it got brought home in a binbag]  I was distraught

I once worked in office relocations and refurbishments and our absolute rule during office moves was that staff must *never* put anything they wanted to keep in a black bag because it *would* be seen as rubbish.  Didn't stop the chairman's secretary doing exactly that with some "very important files".  She never saw them again!
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