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See here.

£10.99 per metre as compared to the factory shop's £6.99 per metre.

House Beautiful / Re: Todays project
« on: Yesterday at 17:59:41 »
Great!  0_0

Is it all embroidery or is there some tulle netting in there as well?

Scary indeed!    :o
Hope you continue to make a good recovery.

The Cafe / Re: BBC Changes the Topography of England .....
« on: Yesterday at 16:38:20 »
I have just noticed that the tech boffins of TSP have added a sewing machine favicon to the website  0_0

It's the little  :vintage: to the left of the page title in the browser tab.

ETA - sorry I thought I was posting this in Today.

The Cafe / Re: BBC Changes the Topography of England .....
« on: Yesterday at 16:35:36 »

The Cafe / Re: The Rant Thread
« on: Yesterday at 16:02:29 »
I timed myself and it took a few minutes less than 8 hours. Materials and other costs = £13.50...They offered me £25.00.
And they never paid me.

Small claims court?

Seriously though, if the cause of your unwelcome jobs is the dry-cleaning middle man then try to cut them out as much as possible.  Put out a few local ads (free-papers, shop window, parish magazine etc) offering your services and try to build up trade that way, and be clear what you will or won't do and what your rates are.  Have a printed list of typical jobs and work from that for any independent customers.

Above all learn to say NO.

The Cafe / Re: The Rant Thread
« on: Yesterday at 14:10:19 »
Problem is, I already did the one for them a year or two ago...and they were happy with it  :(

That was a year or so ago.  Since then you have re-assessed the services you can offer and it no longer includes altering knitted garments.  The answer is "No" .  If you think that is too blunt then it's "Sorry, but no."

House Beautiful / Re: Covers finished
« on: Yesterday at 09:27:44 »
They look fab.  :toast:

I have made covers for the vintage 201s but I really should do something for the overlocker and the coverstitcher, the flimsy plastic covers they come with are c**p.

The Cafe / Re: The Rant Thread
« on: Yesterday at 09:24:44 »
Sandra - stick to your guns and tell her "I don't alter knitwear, find someone else to do it."

Today... / Re: Monday 15th January
« on: Yesterday at 09:22:51 »
Dark and wet here.

I should be working on the next edition of my Threads for Lace book, but I've also got a huge pile of homeless bits and pieces from yesterday's grand tidying up session which I would like to get sorted.

Today... / Re: Sunday 14th January
« on: January 14, 2018, 10:00:06 AM »
and put some plastic drawer liner stuff in the two new pan drawers.

I had a roll of drawer lining - about 1mm thick and spongy.  I cut a couple of circles of it to go inside the non-stick frying pans and it is helping to protect them from the other pans.

Here it's another dull and grey day.  I have a pile of ironing to do but I'd much rather get on with the dress I cut out yesterday.

Your Favourite Suppliers / Re: Where to buy technical shirt fabric
« on: January 13, 2018, 15:34:20 PM »
I want to make some shirts for travelling/walking.  The manufactured ones don't fit me.
Where can I buy suitable woven (not jersey) fabric?

Are you looking for woven cotton for absorption or a synthetic fibre for wicking? or a napped/fleecy fabric for warmth? or maybe a fine wool for warmth?  or silk for warmth and lightness?  or what?

Welcome to The Dark Side / Re: Uh oh you may have won me over...
« on: January 13, 2018, 11:50:33 AM »
the persimmon orange for the corners may bring it out a bit.

Get some persimmon orange for the binding, that will help pull it all together.

In the wardrobe / Re: Skirt that is really a dress
« on: January 13, 2018, 11:46:49 AM »

Do you mean cupro = Cuprammonium?  A form of viscose rayon.  All rayons are regenerated cellulose fibre so not synthetic but not entirely natural.

The advantages of rayon are lightweight, beathable and fairly inexpensive.  Disadvantages are that it usually creases badly.  For what you want it would be a good choice.  Other options would be lightweight 100% cotton lawn or fine silk.

Today... / Re: Saturday 13th January
« on: January 13, 2018, 10:06:23 AM »
With nothing in the diary for today I didn't set the alarm.  Terry got up sometime between 7:00-7:30 as he usually does, I turned over and went back to sleep and the next thing I knew it was gone 9:00 and he was saying "I'm taking the dog out."  Not sure that lying in so long was good for my back though - I had to do a few Pilates type excercises  (pelvic tilt and spine curl) before I could get going :S

So with nothing more than general tidying up  to do  I might even look at cutting out some black watch tartan that's been sitting in stash for a while.

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