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The Cafe / Re: Christmas Jumpers **Bah Humbug
« Last post by justpottering on Today at 13:04:04 »
I don't do jumpers Christmas or otherwise, I nearly bought a Christmas cardi from the charity shop last week as I thought it would be fun to wear over Christmas at the in-laws, then I remembered that they always have the heating on so DH and I will be in t-shirts  :P

I do have several pairs of Christmas socks though and they get worn at all times of the year  :D
Today... / Re: Friday 15th December and.....
« Last post by Ploshkin on Today at 13:02:02 »
I've just made a quick dash to the big town to get a last gift (I only buy 3 + some vouchers so I'm not hard done by).  I managed to park and it wasn't too crowded at 9.30.  A charming young man put my parcel through the diy checkout for me, if I'd tried I would still be there next Christmas.  By 10.30 it was starting to get horrible, time to exit.

As an aside - why can't one have a wee in peace.  I really dislike crowds and noise and find big shops quite panic inducing especially at this time of the year.  The toilets, at least, should be a bit of a haven but increasingly there seems to be ghastly music piped into them and often announcements too.  Because the space is confined it's like having someone shouting in your face.
I can really empathise with autistic people who must feel that way in everyday situations.
In the wardrobe / Re: Finished doom ridden project
« Last post by Vegegrow on Today at 11:39:36 »
sounds gorgeous .. I love silk velvet.. yum
Today... / Re: Friday 15th December and.....
« Last post by Silver Rose on Today at 11:03:00 »
Up early - been to the gym and had a swim then went to a hair appointment, just got home and had a big cup of coffee to keep me going. Got a bit of supermarket shopping to do and get my prescriptions then back home to make something yummy using aubergine, mushrooms and spinach with couscous. I want to make a  start on the blue and black jersey dress but had a creaky back of late so putting off the cutting out until it feels OK. It is a bit milder here now but the wind is still cold.
The Cafe / Re: Christmas Jumpers **Bah Humbug
« Last post by Tamnymore on Today at 10:57:12 »
I'd love to see a photo of you all in those jumpers! For  Christmas I've bought DD a jumper with a guinea pig and rabbit on sporting sequin antlers. I've kept the receipt!  :D
The Cafe / Re: The Great TSP Christmas Swap
« Last post by Iminei on Today at 10:53:18 »
Copper trees you asked for and Copper Trees you shall have!  :D
Embroidery Machines / Re: Sewing + Embroidery machine
« Last post by Iminei on Today at 10:51:56 »
Hi Jo, long time no see ?!?
Can you turn that auto presser foot lift option off ie manually lift the foot when you wish ???

This is the only thing that is annoying me (I think)

I understand it being useful when you want to pivot during sewing but when I have finished chain piecing I would like to lift the presser foot, and perhaps here we have the nub of it, lower the presser foot myself when I start sewing so it doesnt CLUNK down!

I love the ability to alter the needle position but I would like to know what the increments are.
Welcome to The Dark Side / Re: Finally ....
« Last post by Lowena on Today at 10:13:19 »
No pics again :(
Sewalongs and Competitions / Re: The Sewing Place 1st Mystery Quilt
« Last post by Iminei on Today at 10:12:57 »
A lot of the Darksiders like one particular aspect of P&Q more than the others ... whether it be the Piecing, Layering, Quilting or the Binding.

Why not try your hand at a  BOM or two ???,14.0.html

You don't have to make a quilt from them, tho' Im guessing one or two of the blocks are very addictive and you may well end up with more than a few of them, which very quickly can become a wall hanging, cot or lap quilt. And if the quilting is not for you there are professional longarmers out there.

Or for an even easier intro into the Dark Side why not read through this tut for a simple (I promise, promise, promise it is) and easy cot quilt ....,1574.45.html

We would welcome you joining us in The Dark Side!
Today... / Re: Friday 15th December and.....
« Last post by Vegegrow on Today at 10:10:52 »
ohh just been outside to see the postman and that wind is bitter...
 shall have to wrap up and take the dog out for a walk soon so I will look like this :ninja:
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