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The Cafe / A big thank you
« on: September 09, 2017, 17:52:32 PM »
For my birthday wishes and being with me in spirit on my cruise :D  That is how it has felt at least.  It has been great catching up with your comments.  We are on our way back to Southampton now, and I am looking forward to being home and who wouldn't when you've got this one waiting!! This is the third holiday I've taken solo, I've also been to New York and Greece (Crete) and enjoyed them too although I think I've left a bit of my heart in Norway, it is so very beautiful.  But you are quite right Gernella, perhaps I am not cut out for being isolated in the mid winter.  I didn't buy a reindeer skin but I think Toby the Thug would indeed have liked it.  I am tempted to do a Northern Lights cruise next year.  People often say that I am 'brave' going away on my own, but really going on a P&O cruise where everything is laid on for you isn't exactly the same as backpacking around a country where you don't speak their language.  But I am not going to lie, you do have to try harder to speak to people if you don't want to be lonely.  And there have been some real "attitudes" on this ship.  However I've been very lucky with my table and I think we will all be swapping email addresses later.  Mostly I find when I am away though that I take stock and I am always very grateful for the friends and family that I have, and the lifestyle I lead.  And I haven't had an alcoholic drink yet either, honest!  I'm looking forward to going back to my house I only moved into this year, and carrying on making it my home, planning my winter wardrobe and, dare I say it, Christmas!!!  But mostly I am looking forward to a big hug from muv who will have missed me (I think  ;) and big Toby kisses.  And I've got a little belated family get together tomorrow evening for my birthday to look forward to as well.   

The Cafe / Imagine waking up on your birthday ......
« on: September 07, 2017, 09:02:02 AM »
... and this is the view from your balcony.  Why oh why couldn't I have had Norwegian parents.  Selfish I call it!! 

The Cafe / Alesund
« on: September 06, 2017, 08:17:31 AM »
Just arrived in Alesun, it is beautiful.  Even in the rain!  In fact probably more so because of it.  I am off to do the Land of the Trolls excursion today.  And for today's rudeness a woman said that the trouble with travelling alone is that you still take up two seats in the coach because no one wants to sit next to you!!  I feel like saying to some of these ladies to be very careful of their smugness, life is both ephemeral and changes on the value of a penny. And anyway someone has just asked to sit next to me so there! 
The sad thing for these people is that if they do find themselves on their own they won't do anything ever again because they will assume that everyone has their own contempt for it.  Whereas me, I assume that everyone travelling on their own must be quite interesting.  Blowing my own trumpet, I saved the quiz team I hooked up with last night as I was the only one who knew the word that had three different sets of consecutive letters - bookkeeper!!  Go me ....
Anyway off to the trolls I go!!

The Cafe / Stavanger
« on: September 05, 2017, 15:22:14 PM »
First port of call, Stavanger.  Lovely town/city.  And they have a bar called Dolly's Dimples!  So it would have been rude not to have had a drink there ...
It is comforting to know that it is not just Britain where it rains as well.  I am just having a little rest before we sail off, Alesund tomorrow.  On Thursday, when it is my birthday, I've been told I can go to the Bridge to meet the Captain and senior officers.  It was the offer of a cocktail that really did it for me though!  Technically I 'met' the Captain last night at a soirée, had my photo taken with him, which reminds that I had better buy it for muv, she'll love it!
I've made a friend in one of the bar staff, so I am being well supplied with woo woos and dry white wine.  Probably too well as I thought it would be fun to go to bingo and ended up telling some of the older passengers an alternative rhyme for the number 69.  Anyway it amused them! 
I have to say though that I have been surprised at the self entitlement of some (and only some, most are great) of the passengers.  I would call it bad manners, but you like to think they wouldn't behave like that at home.  Like, last night, at the captain's soirée which really is just a PR exercise for P&O, the waiters were bringing around drinks and I asked for a white wine.  He went off to get me one, and as he was about to hand it over some woman swooped in and took it.  He tried to say that it was for me and he would get her another but she looked at me very dismissively and said that she was a Ligerian passenger or something and therefore she was 'entitled'.  At breakfast this morning I was on a table by a window and some woman asked me if I was on my own.  I said I was but she and her husband were welcome to join me.  No she didn't sit with solo travellers apparently, and thought it was 'dreadful' that we took the best tables!  Unbelievable.  My table at dinner is great fun, there's two same sex couples, the mother of one of the ladies in the female couple, another woman travelling on her own and a widower who is great, he looks like something out of Poirot, he is very 1930s looking and he would definitely be the villain because he is so mild mannered and ordinary looking!  He came with me to what was billed as a big band performance in one of the bars but in my view was more jazz.  And I can't get on with jazz, it's one of those where I think no one enjoys it more than the musicians.  But each to their own.  And now off to the sail away party, love those! 

The Cafe / Sitting in the bar in the hotel in Southampton
« on: September 02, 2017, 20:06:16 PM »
Got here and now just waiting to go on board and set sail tomorrow.  I've not been to Southampton before, it's a very different beast to Exeter.  I went to IKEA this afternoon, we've got one coming our way.  The first challenge was actually finding the entrance!  Interesting to look around as I've not been to one before, and their ideas for making the most of smaller spaces are very clever, but I am not sure their style is my style.  A good way of spending a couple of hours though when you're in a city you don't know at all on your own. 

I'm presently in the bar having a Woo Woo, it's in a very heavy dish, almost like a vase.  I felt a bit conspicuous earlier as the bar was full of very dressed up people and I am here in my hillbilly style dungers and hair in plaits!  They've all gone off to the function room now though and I am going to have a few drinks then an early night.  It will be the first for a while.   Early night that is, not alcohol!  0_0

I expect I shall find out on board what I've forgotten to pack  :[. It has been a nightmare of a week, my rest day on Thursday got cancelled and the sewing was, of course, right up to the wire!    Coupled with that the ex husband has made his presence known again and I've had a bit of a fall out with the latest squeeze over it.  I had an email at work from the ex saying that he had "sad news regarding Minty".  Now Minty was our cat and I had to leave her with him because Toby the Thug turned into a total bully and made her life a misery.  Plus she was happy with him, being a mog who needed her outdoor life I think I smothered her a bit whereas he was happy to let her have the freedom she needed.  That said though, I loved and adored her and giving her up wasn't easy.  It was obvious that she had died (she was 13) but him being a control freak couldn't just give me the whole story in an email, I had to contact him to find out more.  It's always mind games with him.  He (new chap) says that I walked into his trap of getting in touch, it was enough that I knew she had died from his email and I didn't need to know the details - or at least not from him.  Except of course I did.  I wanted to know she hadn't suffered but he said I only had his word for it anyway, and his track record doesn't make his word very reliable.  All this is true, but when you're emotionally involved you can't help yourself.  That's the point of mind games, pick your victim and know which buttons to press.  I suspect this was the last hold he had over me.   Once I knew what I needed to know I ignored the dozen other emails he sent me, and I've blocked his number now from my phone. 

So I'm looking forward to a week of stunning scenery and relaxing.  Going back to work will come soon enough.  Toby the Thug is on his hols with the parents.  Muv says he is a "hairy little monster but has an adorable little face".  I look forward to his feedback on her on my return!   

The Cafe / Learning to thread overlockers
« on: August 23, 2017, 15:30:14 PM »
Get a Toby the Thug and practice makes perfect!   :|

The Cafe / Cats. And men.
« on: August 19, 2017, 13:02:27 PM »
We are staying with the latest chap in North Devon, Westward Ho!  By 'we', that's me and Toby the Thug.  Because, you know, love me love my cat.  We've a little way to go on that one. 

Him: He can stay but he'll have to sleep downstairs. 

After an hour of yowling, shrieking and general tom cat noises from downstairs:

Him: okay then he can come upstairs but not into the bedroom. 

After much clawing of doors and noises I know to be headbutts on wood:

Him: I suppose he had better be allowed into the bedroom but he cannot get onto the bed. 

I point out he is a cat, not a dog.  At this stage he hasn't fully grasped the difference. 

Door opens, Toby the Thug leaps onto the bed. 

Him: you don't have much control over that cat do you? 

No.  None whatsoever. 

Him: (as Toby the Thug is cuddled up to his mummy and purring noisily) Happy Toby

Me: Clever Toby. 

The Cafe / When the current chap
« on: August 19, 2017, 00:00:44 AM »
Asks whether you would like to stay at his place and you wonder how many shoes you need ... just in case

The Cafe / Did someone mention kitsch in the sewing room?
« on: August 18, 2017, 00:11:12 AM »
I have got a new lamp which goes great, matches my walls and blinds perfectly. I love it!  The base is old, from the 1960s, the lampshade was made by a friend of mine.  My new home is coming together rather well, and 16th October is the date for my new (retro) kitchen to be installed. 
And talking of retro, you don't get much more retro than a Butterick 1912 (B6093) Edwardian dress pattern.  I don't think I have ever cut out a dress with so many pieces.  I was beginning to wonder if someone had replaced the instructions with one for a patchwork quilt.  I am making view A on this one and it has over 30 pieces what with lining and really large interfacings. After mammoth cutting out sessions, I finally started sewing tonight.    This will be my black and white dress for my cruise. Or that's the plan so far.    I really hope I don't end up looking like a nun, am beginning to worry.  I will post some photos when finished.  Two weeks left to go and the wardrobe is still in flatpack mode!  No pressure.... I have booked off next Wednesday as a sewing day.  Muv really needs to get better and stop messing about!!!  :D :D

In the wardrobe / Flowers and tattoos
« on: August 10, 2017, 22:59:30 PM »
So two makes this week.  They won't be worn together!  The skirt comes from the pattern with Sew Magazine this month, very easy to put together, I made view C as I shall wear it to work so the straight version probably wouldn't have been so practical.  I bought the fabric last year from New York so it will bring back some happy memories.  The bolero, it turns out, is reversible.  I hadn't realised.  So I shall make another one with two different fabrics.  Seems rude not to!  I am now concentrating on my wardrobe for my cruise around the Fjords in September, got most of it cut out so what can possibly go wrong??  I got the itinerary the other day and there is a black and white themed formal evening, I don't really do monochrome but I have got an Edwardian style dress pattern and will make the cuffs and insert (vest??) in the white satin I used to make my friend's wedding dress (ok the friend's wedding dress that I got conned into making and muv finished off for me because it was a right royal pain) and some black crepe.  I can't quite work out what to wear on this cruise, the last one I did was a Caribbean one so it was easy, it was just going to be hot and factor 50 was the order of the day.  I assume that Norway will be cold in September, but could be changeable (but not hot surely?); I am also assuming that the ship itself will be temperature controlled so I won't need to wear thick clothing in the bars and restaurants - which are, it cannot be denied, my natural habitat.  And then I have a balcony with my cabin - I am also making some brushed cotton pyjamas and hope that with my amazing cashmere dressing gown that muv made me for an early birthday present in case she 'popped her clogs during the operation' (her words) will be sufficient.   

I am off this weekend so it will be a sewing one.  I've been a bit quiet recently.  Muv had her operation and was making a recovery, but then got an infection and rushed back in with sepsis.  She's not been the easiest of patients to be honest, fortunately my youngest twin brothers are pretty good at handling her at her most cantankerous.  In a humourous way which makes her smile even though she tries desperately not to!  Anyway she is home and supervising us all from her bed, so life is as normal (not that she normally supervises us from bed I hasten to backtrack just in case she reads this :D).

I've kind of been seeing someone.  As much as you can see someone who is on a totally opposite shift pattern to yourself.    Our first date was 'interesting' as I tripped up and felt like a child whilst he had to dab at my bleeding knees and hands  with a tissue - lucky we're the emergency services isn't it!  I was very brave though and didn't cry!  Our second date was actually a bit worse as I was so busy talking and not concentrating that I fell over and upwards on one of those metal bollards on the pavement and ended up hanging precariously from an industrial skip and he had to help me back to the ground.  He is probably very grateful we only get to meet up about once a fortnight.   Yes it is all go here in soggy Exeter!   

In the wardrobe / My parrot skirt
« on: July 16, 2017, 22:02:19 PM »
Hot on the heels of a recent post saying that I don't wear maxis, I've done that contrary thing of - making a maxi skirt!  Actually I am not a fan of the maxi and I shan't make a habit of them.  However last week I booked a cruise for the autumn to travel around the Fjords.  I was meant to go there for my honeymoon that never was, but received a refund so I've decided to book it a year later, albeit solo, and I can't bloody wait!  The skirt is made from an upholstery/drill/canvas kind of fabric so not as lightweight as it might look.  And for those who saw Friday night's photo of Toby the Thug reclining on it will know that it took no time to assemble.  I don't think I even looked at the instructions.  I've made the red sash, a white one and a green one.  I thought for onboard (and I've booked quite a few spa thingies) that it would be ideal.  The good thing about a cruise leaving from Southampton too is that there is no baggage limit *does happy dance*.  I did think about seeing if a friend wanted to come, but decided a solo would be quite nice, I shall be away for my birthday, I've got a balcony cabin, booked some excursions (always wanted to see that part of the world) and I am sociable enough to manage on my own I think.  Next on the sewing table is a rather more complicated green shot silk fishtail skirt and jacket for a formal evening.  I would like to say that Toby the Thug does not get to drape himself over that, but I expect he will!   

The Cafe / On my sewing table
« on: July 15, 2017, 11:48:57 AM »
How's a girl meant to finish her sewing when she has this to contend with? He's even brought his own toy up to use as a pillow.   

The Cafe / After the tipping point the 'wonderful world' moment
« on: June 20, 2017, 22:28:43 PM »
I might be Hot Cross Dolly right now but here is the view of Exeter Quay where I live which I took this evening.  Just around the corner is the city centre.  I do love living here and every now and then I take time out to count my blessings.  And my leave embargo finishes next week (although probably hadn't better tempt fates on that one!!).

The Cafe / The Tipping Point
« on: June 19, 2017, 01:51:43 AM »
I am not going to complain much that on today's 'emergency shift' I got called to a couple where one called 999 and on arrival they were having a domestic because they couldn't agree on pizza toppings.  I will say nothing about going to a house where the 14 year old was kicking off because his mother had bought some socks and given the BOGOF to his brother.  I am not even going to make a big deal over the fact that I have a bruise on my calf where someone kicked me when being booked into custody because it happens.  But what I really want to cry about is getting home at 1am to find that my bed has been stripped by lady meant to be helping out and bedding not replaced. I really don't have the energy to make up bed so going to collapse on mattress and just sleep!  I NEED sleep!  Thank you for listening!!!  :'(

Fun with Fabric / My shopping week
« on: June 17, 2017, 13:43:13 PM »
I won't deny I've been more grumpy than raving doll this week.  In the last 12 days I've had 1.5 rest days, leave has been cancelled, we've all been re-rostered and I have been asked out for dinner by a fellow officer but we can't actually find an evening when we are both off at the same time  :o This job was not meant to ruin my love life  >:)  Everything has an air of sombreness about it right now, what with the terrorist attacks/the fire and locally we've had quite a few fatal road accidents, a couple of murders and several suicides.  I was quite horrified when the coroner revealed that 1 in 8 deaths in Devon are attributable to suicide.  Anyway, moving on as you have to do: the ability to shop on the internet did mean that I was able to buy most of this from Til the Sun Goes Down.  They're not the cheapest - but then again where else am I going to get to spend money at the moment?! What I do like about them is that they do have some vintage fabric, the blue checked one is believed to be 1970s, 2.5 metres and will make a nice skirt I think.  My favourite is the green and purple silk satin which will make a great vintage style dress. Going to be horrible to sew with though I expect  ......... Another thing I like about this company is that they do a lot of quirky fabrics in dressmaking quality, viscose and other drapey ones rather than quilting cottons.   Muv bought me the Simplicity pattern as she thought View B was very 'me' (it is) and I needed cheering up (I do).  She also found a couple of metres of the brown viscose one in her stash and donated it to me for said cheering up, and I am going to make the blouse from it.  Again it is from Til the Sun Goes Down, they have a very small pattern range but I've made up two others and they were fairly straightforward, the only adjustment I had to make was a small FBA and I didn't have to make the shoulders smaller which I often have to do with other brands.   My sewing room is all done now.  Walls painted, new shelves up, new lighting, roller blind, now for the rest of the house.  It's also the cleanest room in the house probably on account of not getting to spend enough time in it to mess it up!  But I will .....  :D

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