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The Cafe / Living in a marshmallow world!
« on: February 11, 2018, 11:40:42 AM »
It’s Valentine’s Day on Wednesday and everyone likes marshmallow right?  So I decided I’d make some.  Almond and honey no less.  First problem, apparently Exeter has a shortage of flaked almonds.  Ground almonds only.  Although come to think about it, I probably could have gone to a health food shop but I get nervous in those.  Too many alien words and concepts for my liking. I cannot see the point of alcohol free wine, truly I cannot.  Anyway I got over that by getting chopped mixed nuts.  I suppose almonds must feature in there somewhere, otherwise they wouldn’t be mixed.  The recipe said to use 11 leaves of gelatine.  That seemed quite excessive and it only took four to make my Turkish delight cheesecake and it is a fairly old book so I wondered if maybe gelatine leaves have doubled in size since it was printed?  Big mistake Raving Doll as I ended up with a blancmangey kind of mess.  No the book isn’t joking, you really do need 11 leaves of gelatine.  So back to the shops I went, as I needed more honey, nuts and gelatine.  Came back and started again.   It’s cost me a lot this marshmallow malarkey as I also had to buy a new cake tin as you need a square one 15cms by 15cms which I didn’t have.  The irony of coming back to see a new shop opening just a couple of minutes walk away which is one of those retro sweetie shops (with loads of marshmallows beautifully wrapped) was not lost on me.  Anyway I tried again and this is what I got.  Absolutely delish it is, you can really taste the honey.  It’s more of a pudding than a confection which means that I don’t have to glare at the shop’s goodies when I pass it either.   :D

The Cafe / 'I've got something for you' he said
« on: February 01, 2018, 17:28:48 PM »
'but it's very heavy so I'd better come and pick you up and take you home' he said. 

I am now the proud owner of a very large bag of ultra clumping cat litter  ><

I do like to treat Toby's bottom with respect - he knows what he likes and likes what he knows when it comes to matters of the toileting kind.  And as we know when a cat decides to go elsewhere there is trouble ahead.   And we've not tried the ultra type before.  Still never let it be said that the security guard isn't trying to get on with my cat.  :D. He plays 'piece of string' with him too. 

I can't wait for Valentine's Day   Although, it cannot be denied, my Christmas present was rather romantic so it could go one way or the other.  :D :D

The Cafe / This evening.
« on: January 27, 2018, 14:53:13 PM »
I am helping myself to a separate post today rather than put this in ‘today’!  The security guard returned to Exeter last night.  About five minutes before I had to leave for my night shift.  I think that was rather longer than the expected four weeks.  Anyway I, probably foolishly, invited him for dinner tonight.  Well done me, couldn’t suggest going out for a meal or drink could I, had to make it difficult for myself.  Especially having just come off three nights and trying to get my body clock back.  I’ve made a Turkish Delight cheesecake, although what possessed me to make something that actually has to alter its state, like, well, set with gelatine, I do not know.  I’ve made it many times before but I don’t let that mere detail stop me from getting it wrong next time.  It took me the best part of 10 minutes to find the perforations on the bags I use for Toby’s cat litter.   :|.   I’ve even laid the table.  This photo shows you what Toby the Thug thinks of being shut out ..... (feline equivalent of “Here’s Johnny” I think). Anyway, wish me luck in not burning down the house, falling down the stairs, or getting ridiculously drunk.  Although in the defence of alcohol I’ve managed to do some pretty stupid things sober too.   ;) 

Fun with Fabric / Reasons to buy fabric
« on: January 13, 2018, 15:00:59 PM »
A friend sent me this.  Some might have seen it but I thought it was fairly amusing. 

In the wardrobe / V8875 - going to a wedding
« on: January 07, 2018, 14:33:02 PM »
I am going to a very formal vintage style wedding in London at the beginning of March and I thought about this number.  I got given the handbag and gloves for Christmas (very 1950s and grown up!) so I thought I might use them as a starting point for colours.  Now the coat has a detachable collar (this is quite an ambitious project for me as in there are quite a few sewing techniques I’ve not tried before but I have the Chief Quality Controller drafted in for supervision (She’s back from servicing her broomstick * visiting friends and family and timetable for making this has been put in the calendar, oh yes, nothing left to chance here!).   Now my first thought is to make the coat in a mustard rather than the obvious brown, what does anyone else think?  And for the dress go for some shades of yellow, does it seem a bit too ‘twee’ to make the collar in the same fabric as the dress or does that seem a good idea?  I would be very interested in your opinions/ideas. Obviously the handbag isn’t set in stone but it seemed a good starting point for focussing my mind on the colour scheme. 

*she’s been to Burnley which I think is famous for witches? 

The Cafe / Circumstantial evidence
« on: January 06, 2018, 19:19:40 PM »
Toby the Thug can’t understand why I think he might have had something to do with the opening of the bag of flour, in fact he is a little disgruntled at the insinuation  .....

House Beautiful / Made by a friend
« on: January 05, 2018, 21:06:16 PM »
Nothing more to say! 

The Cafe / My 12 days of Christmas
« on: December 24, 2017, 20:15:02 PM »
I went to the wine bar this afternoon for a party (the one as in the security guard and his uncle).  I’ve just got home and I was quite good on the alcohol front as it would take a braver girl than me to turn up to the family Christmas dinner sad, sick and sorry.  I did it once, my ears are still singed from muv’s telling off.   As I was leaving, his uncle gave me a parcel.  Obviously I wasn’t going to wait until tomorrow.  Anyway I have 12 pieces of Pandora jewellery from the security guard, 12 days of Christmas themed (in a cryptic way, we always seem to do cryptic).  He bought me a Pandora charm a few years back of a turtle as in Who Put the Turtle in Myrtle’s Girdle (although you probably had to be there to get that one) and the reason I have Pandora rather than Links of London is because of the ex-husband.  I of course haven’t even given him a Christmas card.  Difficult when you can’t bloody well reach him.  Oh well.  Toby’s also rather happy with his cat toy too.   

In the wardrobe / Butterick 5985
« on: December 23, 2017, 21:09:13 PM »
Not that I am putting myself under any pressure, but I am making this for New Year’s Eve.  Toby the Thug has given it his seal of approval.  I am going to make the short version.  Given that the fabric/notions came in at £56 I think a toile is in order.  Which I am about to cut out.  I see no reason to add the flounce to the toile unless anyone thinks it would be a good idea?  The fabric is a silk slub one and I don’t think it will alter how it hangs.  I am more interested in the bodice really, this is one of those that has separate cup sizes, and generally I find that they come out much larger than those without, plus the reviews suggest that there is a lot of ease.  Now, although I am a girl whose cup usually floweth over, I am actually going to make the C rather than the D as the last couple of D cups I have made have been larger than I was expecting.  I am going to cut out the D as well so if that doesn’t work I can swap them around.  So old sheet at the ready, I’m going in!   

In the wardrobe / Channelling Mr Spock
« on: December 17, 2017, 22:08:18 PM »
I made this today - only took a few hours and mainly because I wanted to practice with my bias binding foot.  It was a free pattern from Sew Magazine, Simplicity 8260.  When I tried it on, first thing I did was flip open my powder compact and tell Toby the Thug to “beam me up”!  How I laughed, and he looked rather underwhelmed.  This may not see the light of day again, but at least four metres of bias binding later and I think I might have mastered the binding foot!   

The Cafe / When your life is a flippin’ car crash ...
« on: December 09, 2017, 17:11:04 PM »
.. isn’t it supposed to have a happy ending?  Anyway, I’d like mine please, so if anyone sees it can you send it in my direction.  I think it has got lost ... 
For those who are interested in my dire love life (and those who are not, I quite understand you closing this post now) it is like this:
So last Saturday was meant to be all about me being understated and elegant.  That didn’t quite go to plan.  The intentions were there. I had a bit of a tete a tete (can’t find the accent buttons on my iPad) with the security guard and to cut a long story short he basically gave me a ‘now or never’ ultimatum.  I decided to take it.  As a “now” that is.  Only trouble is, I have been kind of seeing someone (just a few dates, nothing serious for reasons I now know why).  Anyway he was on his way to meet me so I thought I had better do the decent thing and finish with him.  Only trouble was that he beat me to the punchline, and gave me his story first.  Which was that he suffers from erectile dysfunction. (Not really what you expect to read on a sewing forum is it, but that’s my life for you).  Well you can’t just dump someone who has told you that can you?  I thought I had better have a think about the best way to do it, and at the end of the evening as we left the wine bar the security guard made a slightly caustic comment, obviously for my benefit but the dysfunctional one overheard and thought it was aimed at him and I had told him about his ‘problems’ and without any warning whatever he suddenly grabbed me and banged my head into the wall.  I’ve had a wonderful bruise all week.  I don’t need to tell you how that one ended I think, you don’t go around assaulting women in front of Devon’s probably most alpha male and walk away.  On the bright side at least I had an excuse to finish that little relationship!  It was a long night but at least it got sorted. 
So the security guard was meant to come around on Monday evening.  But he didn’t.  So I wasn’t very happy.  I was working some strange hours this week and I didn’t get the chance to go to the wine bar.  I couldn’t ring him because he has changed his number since he was last in these parts and we hadn’t got around to him giving me his number.  Anyway I went there earlier and saw his uncle who told me that he had got an urgent recall to his ship and he had had to go there and then, but he had left me a note.  Except he hadn’t.  When I got home I searched again and guess what I found in my recycling bin?  Yes, an envelope that had on the front: “Caroline do not throw this away it is not recycling”.  Like I’m in the habit of throwing things away before checking them.  Oh wait, yes, that’s exactly what I do.  In which case I have to assume he no longer has my telephone number.  Anyway the note said to call him - he gave me his number - before Thursday night as he would be out at sea and out of range - for about four weeks.  The problem with that of course is that today is Saturday.  So I rang the number anyway, as you do, and all I get is a foreign recorded voice, no idea what language, and no facility to leave a message. 
I am actually really glad I am working tonight.  Is there room at the convent for me?   I am quite happy to take The Vow.  Enquiries to be made next week.   

The Cafe / Hungover - and still cringing!
« on: November 25, 2017, 17:08:16 PM »
Why are other people blessed with the ability to forget what they did when completely trollied, and I do not?  I remember last night in all its horror ....

Firstly the funeral of my friend was very touching and as lovely as these things can be.  We all wore our Gerbera flowers as she had wanted us to do.  Unfortunately on the way home I decided to stop off ‘for one’ at the wine bar.  Four hours later I was running a competition to see who could high kick the best and was told off for doing so on the table.  I then decided to try out some flavoured gins - I never drink gin.  And I sensibly did all of this on an empty stomach.  The owner of the wine bar, who I know very well, said he would take me home.  Cue the security guard suddenly grabbing me by the arm and saying he would take me.  I laughed.  Then I cried. Inconsolably.  So we walked home, except I had forgotten to mention that I had moved since our paths last crossed, and the people living there were not very happy to have strangers using a key to try and get into their home.  I didn’t really notice because I was too busy crying.   Much apologising done with the man of the house telling the security guard that “I’d get her home pretty sharpish if I was you mate”. 

I was then giving him directions to my home by telling him that we ‘go left’ whilst flapping my right hand around.  Whilst flapping my hand around I gave him chapter and verse of my broken engagement, and sticking my hand in his face saying ‘see my finger is bare, I’m not wearing any rings’.  Of course this was my right hand, and it had a ring on every finger, so the effect may well have been lost.  When we got to my house he tried to open the front door, but it wouldn’t open.  I was standing there, hands on hips, shrieking “goddamit, someone’s locked me out of my own home”.  He was trying to calm me down and asking whether I was sure it was my house and I was outraged at the very thought.  Then it came to me that the key was for the back door because I often use that as the garden is cat proof and Toby the Thug has a habit of running out when I leave.  When we got in I picked Toby up and was kissing him, telling him that mummy was home and did he miss me.  I think he was holding his head in shame on my behalf.  Security guard made me drink copious amounts of water, which I promptly threw up, along with just about every other drink I had consumed. 

If you think it can’t get worse, it can.  I rang up muv and told her all about my evening.  I don’t really need to tell anyone how well received this was do I?!  One of my brothers sent me a text saying might be a good idea to keep a low profile for a few days! 

I had to go to work today and I’ve had a dreadful hangover all day.  The Boss made me take some hours off using some time I’ve accrued telling me that I was as useful to him today “as a one legged man in an arse kicking competition”. 

This evening will mostly be spent rehydrating myself.     :|

In the wardrobe / Not normally my kind of thing
« on: November 18, 2017, 11:32:37 AM »
But I quite like it. Simplicity 1080.  This is the tunic top.  I made some denim capris earlier in the year (same fabric as the pockets) but they’re not really high waisted enough for my tastes.  So the tunic solves that problem, plus used up a bit of stash and is a kind of wearable toile as I wouldn’t mind making the dress, version A.  There’s actually few fitting issues, it’s graded xs to xl rather than 12, 14 etc so I made it for my full bust measurement and took out some excess around the neckline and that was it.

The Cafe / ‘Living in interesting times’
« on: November 18, 2017, 00:48:01 AM »
This was I think an old Chinese curse.  I’ve one good friend in the morgue awaiting her funeral next Friday and I really feel rather emotional.  This week has been tough.  Another friend gets married tomorrow and of course I am there for her too.  I had to have my last blood test today to see whether my dreaded disease is making a re-appearance or not but results were late, so I guess it will be Monday before I know.  I thought I was on the verge of a new romance.  Maybe I am, but I just haven’t got the emotional wherewithal right now.  If compatibility relies on being able to name all of Shakespeare’s plays then we are just sooo there.  And he is going to pick me up a Christmas tree when he gets his own and try to make it Thug proof. I didn’t finish work until 10pm this evening so went to the wine bar to try and unwind.  And then just as I was crossing over to the other side (literally crossing the canal, not *that* side, I don’t think I am quite ready for that just yet) out of the corner of my eye I saw the security guard, clearly returning home.  It’s been a long time since our paths crossed.   I know that to some this will mean nothing, but some TSFers will remember.  If life was a soap the credits would have probably rolled at this point.   Instead a bloody great big swan got in my way and I nearly fell over it. 

In the wardrobe / Simplicity 1166
« on: October 29, 2017, 21:25:26 PM »
Simplicity has become quite cool recently.  Depending on your tastes of course.  I made the blouse.  (I made the skirt too but for reasons I won’t go into totally messed it up and it ended up 3 sizes too small.  My mistake, not theirs).  It’s a 1950s vintage pattern and I am quite pleased with it. I love the oversized collar.  Reviews suggested that it is not quite as blouson as indicated on the pattern so I made for full rather than high bust and pinched out some fullness from the back.  Given that there is 13in between my bust and waist I wouldn’t say that the reviewers are wrong.  But I am happy with the tie as I can move around without my midriff being on show, it’s longer than the average blouse that ties in at the waist and will also tuck into a skirt nicely without.  I’ve never done a blouse where the sleeve goes in on a triangle like this and when it didn’t sit properly thought that was the problem and faffed around for ages.  Muv turned up and said that dart was too low from the side seam although it finished at the right point and, strangely, she was right and once that was corrected it fitted good!  Anyone would think she knew a bit about dressmaking .......  ;)     

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