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The Makers Atelier - The essential collection


The Makers Atelier - The essential collection
« on: May 08, 2017, 18:20:02 PM »
I have bought myself this book and have had a quick look through it this afternoon there are a number of patterns in there that I really want to try, in fact I would say all of them appeal to me.
The book itself is nicely laid out, each pattern has its own chapter with instructions and ideas on other ways to make the garment. They are all photographers in different fabrics and on different models so give a fairly good idea of how they may look
The sizing is new to me going from 1 to 7 but then size is only a number isn't it so I don't suppose it matters
The pattern sheets on the whole are one sheet per item but are double sided so need tracing, but the lines are clearly marked and different pattern pieces don't overlap each other. On first glance and before I have had chance to make anything from the book I am very pleased I got it
The big question is which one do I have a go at first ??


Re: The Makers Atelier - The essential collection
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2017, 18:44:13 PM »
I got that last week too!
I'm going to work though in order  ><.
I'm not sure about the drapey top - it looks a bit too front heavy.
I've got the Merchant and Mills Workbook and the Sew Over It eBook, so I'm going to have a wardrobe full of clothes  :D