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Finished Tuffet


Re: Finished Tuffet
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That's fab! Bravo you!

(Your floor looks like my floor except its clean and not missing bits)
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Re: Finished Tuffet
« Reply #16 on: July 29, 2020, 07:39:53 AM »
It looks really nice - I especially like that you fussy cut a motif to cover the button.

Getting a button really tight needs quite a bit of brute force!  Did your instructions tell you to thread twine through the button loop, then both ends of the twine into the eye of the lethal weopon (long needle) get it through the whole lot, remove the weopon and then tie two half hitches, using one end of the twine over the other end, pull it really tight and then tie a reef knot (or two) to hold it tight, cut the ends of the twine to about an inch and hide the remaining bit under the button?

@BrendaP  ooh no that sounds like it could have been easier - this was completely different. There are 2 holes in the wooden base at the bottom so scary needle went through that, up through all the foam to come out near the middle of fabric (where there are lots and lots of layers), this then got pulled back down so big piece of cord at the bottom. Other end of cord went through the button and then the process was repeated. These 2 ends got pulled tight, tied in any knot I was able to, and is all covered by the felt on the base.

@Iminei it is the original house flooring and is in our lounge, dining room and hallway. Most places it is in good(ish) condition but there are areas that need some serious tlc
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Re: Finished Tuffet
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Looks amazing and beautiful! I want one now!  <3


Re: Finished Tuffet
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Thankyou so much for the button knotting tut.

 I had NO idea 12" needles existed! How did that happen?!?

Many years ago, when I was first married, I signed on for a pattern cutting course, which was cancelled after 3 weeks because there were not enough takers, and so I swapped to a soft furnishing course instead but I learned a lot from that one; curtains with linings locked in, smocked cushions and buttoning.  I acquired a buttoning neeedle - much bigger and thicker than any in the Dritz pack, at least 12 inches long and with an angled point like a leather needle.  Because it is so lethal I put it away carefully - and haven't seen it for years but I'm sure it's still lurking in the bottom of a container somewhere.

As for buttoning; if you don't tie with the half hitches you'll never get it pulled really tight - and of course you have to have another button or a scrap of fabric on the reverse.
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