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« on: July 29, 2020, 23:07:58 PM »
I know there was a recent thread about poor service from Minerva (can't find it?), but they have just given me really good service so I thought I'd better pipe up with it. I decided I needed a jacket for Mum's funeral - we don't have a date yet but I'm hoping I'll have time to make it. I found what I wanted from them and messaged them to say I needed it urgently (but not why). They replied today that they are posting in 1-2 days. I ordered the fabric and paid extra for 1st class post this morning and have just had a message to say it's been posted!


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I ordered from them on Monday of last week and the parcel was despatched on Tuesday by Royal Mail 48 hour.  More or less what I would expect.
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I've never had  a problem with them
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The only problem I've ever had with them was about a very poorly described fabric but they were very good and rectified the situation with a refund and updated the description very quickly.


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I’ve had some nice stuff from them.  But way back around February I joined the Craft Club.  Got my 10% discount ok.  But should have had fabric samples as well.  They didn’t appear in March and didn’t appear in June.  I wrote a little while ago.  They wrote back asking what set I’d  requested.  Should have thought their records would have shown that  ><. But I went back through my emails to check as my friend had also opted to do this and didn’t get anything either.  In the end they sent one lot out to me but it was the wrong set.   There was only a choice of two.  :rolleyes:
But quite honestly it looked as though they had just sent out a load of old tat that they couldn’t get rid of.  There was absolutely nothing worth bothering with and I won’t be renewing my membership.


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I joined the Minerva Club a few years ago.  I had an odd assortment of samples at the very beginning, and then nothing at all for the rest of the year.  I couldn't be bothered to complain because the first lot hadn't been worth having anyway.  I just about recovered the cost through the VIP discount days, but I didn't want to feel I had to shop at Minerva rather than elsewhere, so I didn't renew.
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Thanks for the info @Acorn.  Feel like I’ve been conned.   :(
I used to belong to Stone Fabrics fabric club and got lots of lovely samples and regularly bought stuff from them.  The samples were so good that I’d often be too late and they’d have sold out of something I wanted.   :). When they changed the way they did the fabric club I didn’t bother. TBH neither me nor my friend could actually work out how it was supposed to work as it seemed very complicated.