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Re: Sew Easy mini pressing board
« Reply #15 on: August 23, 2020, 12:16:21 PM »
This thing is cute but so tiny. I think I could press a buttonhole with it. It's only 4"x9", about the size of my iron.

Now as to a hard surface that's what I always use. Can't stand a mushy pressing surface. If your iron can sink down into your padding you will be distorting your fabric every time. That's why seams end up lumpy bumpy bubbly. I didn't know that everyone didn't know. For quilting if you want your pieced blocks to be accurate and the right size you really need to use that firm surface.

I use samples of laminate flooring. Here that would mostly be Pergo or Wilsonart. It's fairly thin and virtually indestructible. Heat & water resistant, won't burn, amazing stuff. I used a tile sample about 12" square, layer of cotton batting/wadding covered with that silver ironing board cover fabric. I have that neatly taped down with good quality clear packaging tape. It's probably 15 years old. It sits next to me when I piece blocks.

I'm going to make another one using a plank. That's about 4 foot long and nine inches wide. Covered the same. I can use it as a leg board for many pants, pressing quilt binding in half and for making bias tape.


Re: Sew Easy mini pressing board
« Reply #16 on: August 23, 2020, 12:37:01 PM »
Technically, I don't need another board.  Small or not, there are times these are handy outside of quilting: masks, cuffs, plackets...small jobs you mend or need to touch up to go on.

I have several boards and iron items, and more then most of you.  Not a humble brag, it is what it is.  Some stand alone, some work on other surfaces.
I have 3 full size fold away boards
One professional board
Leg Board
Velvet board
2 sleeve boards
Sleeve Cap board
3 busks
Tailor point
2 clappers
In wall board
Rolling hamper style board
Drapery board (it goes over my pro board)

And a bunch more.  Sometimes...things like this are just easier to pull out or use because of convenience, even if my iron is as big as it is.