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Pfaff Creative Vision 5.0 - home repairs


Pfaff Creative Vision 5.0 - home repairs
« on: September 14, 2020, 11:59:27 AM »
I've had this machine for just over ten years and it has worked really well and I've sewn loads, including the fancy embroidery.  However, I'm pretty sure that the transformer has gone and I've been able to get a Pfaff replacement transformer through the original dealer. I thought I would fit it myself as I'm pretty handy with a screwdriver.  But I can't get the casing off and I guess it has been put together as a puzzle to deter the likes of me from fiddling.  The dealer is reluctant to discuss the method, probably because they are being a bit pecious about knowledge.

I wonder if anybody has got experience of dismantling this or similar Pfaff machines and can offer a clue as to the sequence of panel removal to gain access to the innards?

I shall send the machine away to a Pfaff engineer only as a last resort as the expense to ship from a remote Scottish island to anywhere on the mainland, plus servicing costs, would probably outweigh the secondhand value of the machine.


Re: Pfaff Creative Vision 5.0 - home repairs
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@Roger @Mick  Any ideas for Greenfrog ???
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Re: Pfaff Creative Vision 5.0 - home repairs
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It’s a bit young for me  :| I’ve worked on pfaffs before but only up to the 1960s.

But if Greenfrog can post us some pictures of the casing we might be able to figure it out. 8)
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Re: Pfaff Creative Vision 5.0 - home repairs
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Thanks Roger.

I have attached views of the rear of the machine and the top panel (2 views looking down).  There are five obvious screws in the rear panel (top left, top right, mid right, bottom right and a more obscure one below the carrying handle and near the lamp.  I have successfully removed these screws with an allen key.  In the top panel there are just two obvious screws, situated at either end and just behind the main thread spool rod.  They are slightly larger than the five back screws and also removed with a larger allen key.

I can't find any more screws to remove.  I had expected the back panel at least to come away at this point but apart from some movement around the needle end of the machine, the panels are still attached to each other.  I guess that there are concealed plastic clips but I'm reluctant to exert too much effort in case I inadvertently break something important. There are also several screws in the base of the machine but since the dealer said only that I would need to remove the back panel, I don't want to fiddle with the base screws without knowing exactly what they are holding together.

If any of these images look familiar I would appreciate any thoughts that you might have.  Incidentally, I tried to get hold of a service manual for this model but they are as rare as hens teeth.


Re: Pfaff Creative Vision 5.0 - home repairs
« Reply #4 on: September 14, 2020, 14:51:50 PM »
In case it helps, these are images of the front panel and two end panels but I see no evidence of screws there.