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Friday 25th


Re: Friday 25th
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Sat outside hospital took longer to get here. All my hubby’s equipment came this morning.
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Re: Friday 25th
« Reply #16 on: September 25, 2020, 11:39:04 AM »
Chilly and quite breezy here.  I've stripped the bed ready to change back to the duvet instead of a quilt and had two lots of finger slippage.  First a pair of shoes and then fabric from Immanuels.

I haven't sewn up half of the last lot from them yet, but I wanted some red, yellow and green cotton to back the quilt top I've which has been maturing for about three years and some black for the quilt idea that's been developing in my head and whilst there it would have been rude not to grab one of their £20 bundles from the £1 room.

Nothing else planned for the rest of the day, but I had better get away from the computer.
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Re: Friday 25th
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he really is s gem especially like yesterday when I just couldn't get into my swimsuit without a tantrum, he calmed me down and helped me put it on.

@Silver Rose  ... you Silver Fox, you !!!! Who is this ????

I'm sat down with a hockle chockle feeling extremely smug with myself ...
I had a list today and by eleven O'clock I had crossed off everything (and Yes, I had done them too!) plus two extra, a walk to the postbox to post HWMNBN's unwanted Mail which keeps turning up and a steam clean of the kitchen/bathroom ...

Its not even midday! Phew!

I was out early doors and the weather was not autumnal, it was bright midwinter with a sharp Northerly breeze but beautiful and its obviously lifted my spirits.

Hope your Fridays are as good as mine is (at the moment ... What? Glass half full, moi???) peeps! xxx
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Re: Friday 25th
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We were caught in a hailstorm yesterday walking between the beaches at Bude.  @justpottering knows it well.  We could see rain coming but this suddenly appeared and we were soaked very quickly and covered with sand too.  It took a while to dry out and as we’d broken our flask there was no tea to warm us up.  We did manage to find a flask later having decided not to buy the one in Holmleigh Garden Centre for £65!

We’re off to meet up with OH’s brother and a picnic lunch on the edge of Dartmoor.  Then we’ll pop into Tavistock for cheese, possibly some quilt bits and tonight’s dinner before going for a walk alongside the Plym.


Re: Friday 25th
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Good morning! I got off to an early start. It's 6"45 AM here and I have been up for more than an hour. So I am doing a machine embroidery as I type- the Test Tubes, on my second lab coat.  Later I will be going to the first meeting of my quilt guild, since March.  Should be interesting.
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Re: Friday 25th
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Morning all - we were to head to the Antrim coast today but given the wind and the rain which we looked out on we decided not....windy here would mean a gale at the coast....and gee, it's cold.....a very  warm gilet on today.
Got an order for an 80th card - has to be black with lots and lots of bling....this lady is still dancing the night away.
I'm also trying to get on with the right front of a gilet I'm knitting - what's pushing me is that I want to start another sweater but won't start until this is finished.....hope you all have a lovely day, cold or not.

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Re: Friday 25th
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@Iminei , a familiar story, first colleagues then more than colleagues then a lot more than colleagues... now very good friends, we've known each other over 30 years and we still have a good laugh and help each other out and he is 10 years younger than me.
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Re: Friday 25th
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@Silver Rose I`ve been dying to ask more about him for ages but, unlike Iminei, I am very polite.  He sounds like an absolute treasure
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Re: Friday 25th
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The chimney sweep has just been and he told us we shouldn’t have left it so long between cleans as it would have been dangerous if we had lit the stove.  We’re now waiting for the coal to be delivered and we have plenty of wood so should be nice and warm during the winter.
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Re: Friday 25th
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we still have a good laugh and help each other out and he is 10 years younger than me

!!!! Does he have a brother ???

Sorry for not being 'polite' but when you see something like ... helped me into my bathing suit ... the Question has got to be asked !!!  :D

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Re: Friday 25th
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Sorry Imi no brother. Marvellous he might be but he is very untidy and forgetful that's why we have never shared a home together and we are both independent people and prefer our own space sometimes.
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Re: Friday 25th
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A lovely sunny day here but jeez it’s cold.  I have washing on the line and it’s going round and round. 
DH has set the heating to come on as upstairs is quite chilly. 

Slept well last night, first time for days.  Some nice warm veggie soup for lunch after throwing some together yesterday.  Not sure what to do the rest of the day. 

We were supposed to be seeing my stepson and family this weekend for a while as they are staying at Center Parcs Longleat so not too far from us.  But they have cried off and said it will,probably be November now.  I am guessing it’s because of the change in the situation but DH never asks any questions just accepts whatever.   :rolleyes:  Drives me mad.  Could be a year till we see his side of the family. 


Re: Friday 25th
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Not feeling bright and cheery though. BIL is driving me crazy, all trhe info I need is in his head not on paper and of course the powers that be need paper proof of everything.
Just about had enough of him
I haven't touched any sewing etc for days because of this. This afternoon I am sewing (she writes hopefully)

I have just made a banana cake - added sultanas and cinnamon - a good basic recipe that I play with every time \i make it. Should have used pear but couldn't be bothered to go out to the garage.

Bright sun here but a really bitter wind. We popped CH on yesterday as well. Usually manage to wait until October. Mrbeej was muttering about lighting the wood burner - bliss

He's just wandered up and asked if I would like to go to Croome Court on Sunday (local NT property with wild grounds in a peaceful situation) Bliss to get away from all this family stuff.
It's his side of the family as well!!!!!!
No hesitation in saying yes - feels like an offer of escape :thumbsup:

Now for egg on toast and sewing
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Re: Friday 25th
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WINTER it's 9c blowing a gale and has been pouring with rain since midnight!!!!
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Re: Friday 25th
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@Lowena - we have blue skies and sunshine AND it's 22c - perhaps you shouldn't have moved? >:) :devil: :)
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