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I haven't made anything big enough yet - I'm working towards it, slowly  ;)
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Re: Longarm...
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I priced it a while ago and decided it doubled the cost of the quilt though of I did something exceptional (ha ha) it may be worth it.

Those quilts all look amazing - what a good idea to be able to rent time on one.
I understand there is someone local who has one but do not know who
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Near here we have Marmite John who was on Kirsty’s Christmas show one year

Is that the one in Tring ??? He went on that Wonderful World of Crafting Tv show and got his harem to make a (not very nice/inspiring) bargello which he priced at the 'event' at £3000 !!! Needless it didnt sell .. He likes self promotion.
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Re: Longarm...
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Yes, apparently he went to my monthly quilt group and was all the big I am, they weren’t appreciative and so he didn’t go again.

The group at Great Missenden think he’s lovely and I’ve seen them fawning over him when they held a Doughty’s sale.  He has got fabrics for sale as well as his long arm work but I’ve not been as I don’t think I could cope with him and you have to make an appointment.

I’ve heard that Ferret is much easier.


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I think this is John Cole-Morgan you are talking about.  He has been presenting on the new Sewing Street shopping channel.  He seems ok on there but doesn't always do things the way I would.  He demonstrated his bargelleo and although I have never made one, could see a much better way of doing it.  He is on a break from Sewing Street t the moment.
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You can free motion on a long arm too 😉

I just roll them and FMQ with my small Janome mechanical. Have done double bed size quilts. Even one with thick poly batting!

I almost exclusively use wool or bamboo batting now so much less volume to fit in the machine.