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Juki 1500 Covrlocker


Juki 1500 Covrlocker
« on: October 12, 2020, 16:07:30 PM »
Below is an extract from an ebay description.  For those of you familiar with the Juki would you say problems are likely to be user error (as the seller indicates) or could there be an inherent problem with the machine?
I'd be grateful for any input.
TIA  Annie x
QUOTE from Ebay:
However, I should mention that I have found that this machine can be quite tricky to use and it can require some care and attention to give good results.  Whether this is down to the machine or my ineptitude I can’t say.  You can see from the samples that it does a very nice stitch across a range of knit and woven fabrics but it can be a little fussy, in my experience.


Re: Juki 1500 Covrlocker
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2020, 19:21:14 PM »
I have a Bernina coverstitch which is exactly the same machine as the Juki. They are normally good reliable machines, giving great results. The main problem is that threading the looper is tricky and the diagrams in the instruction book for doing it are at best hopeless, at worst, misleading!. I had to resort to YouTube to get help when I first had to thread mine. Now I am familiar with it, it is a breeze. So, it could well be user error on the part of the seller.
It’s obviously impossible to say whether there is anything wrong with it, but if not and you crack the threading, you would be pleased with it.

Incidentally, special needles are not required for this model and the manufacturers recommend the use of Universal needles.  I understand that this is due to the angle they penetrate the fabric. Whether this is actually the reason or not, Universal needles give great results on all fabrics.
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Re: Juki 1500 Covrlocker
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Really appreciate your feedback. Thank you :)