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Sat 24 October


Re: Sat 24 October
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Good afternoon/evening everyone

Giving the cover stitch a time out today. It didn't like the thinner rayon/lycra yesterday.  :'(   Need to regroup tomorrow and figure out what adjustments need to be made.

I've been to the store and made a nice mango/red onion/lime/mint salsa to go with our sea bass/scallops tonight.  Otherwise I'll be reading and watching foreign movies the rest of the day.

Condolences @Sheilago


Re: Sat 24 October
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Sorry to hear your news @Sheilago :hug:
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Re: Sat 24 October
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Saw a mini murmuration of starlings today   about 200  birds shape shifting before dropping down to a large oak tree for the night. Absolutely fascinating.
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Re: Sat 24 October
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Thank you RJR_38 I must say that sounds rather nice, so now to find a can of coconut soup which I have never heard of!  I think it is a pity Lakeland have not given more space to printing recipes suitable in their instruction book, I am still struggling with the amounts to use - I suppose it is a force of habit just making large quantities of soup on the hob, and I am always in danger of over filling the jug, but I am sure I will get used to this over time.  Although the amount of vegetables used in the soup maker are so little they do not take that long to prepare.

Now last evening  it was on its final blitz as Strictly started, so I left it to cool down until after Strictly had finished and also for the jug to cool down before I cleaned it, and that was a bit of a mistake, but a couple of goes on its auto clean programme did the job - so I must make sure in future on Saturday evenings to have supper much earlier.  Gone 9pm is far to late to be messing about cleaning the jug!!!!


Re: Sat 24 October
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Condolences on your loss @Sheilago sending  :hug: