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Tuesday 27th October


Tuesday 27th October
« on: October 27, 2020, 07:56:07 AM »
Starting us off then - a wet morning, and market day here.

Silver Rose

Tuesday 27th October
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Morning, grey and drizzly here, no chance of any sunshine today. Osteopath appointment midday and not much else planned, I hope my osteopath can work on the last of the sciatica which Is still niggling down my left side. My friend made soda bread yesterday and will bring me some when he comes to take me to my appt. Have a good day.
Edit, you beat me to it Leila may, I type so slowly on my phone.
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Re: Tuesday 27th October
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Rain and strong winds predicted here. I doubt I will venture out but could do with some fresh air. All this couped up isolation lark is not good for body or soul. On the agenda for today is arranging a boiler service and cleaning bathrooms.


Re: Tuesday 27th October
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WooHooo You really know how to live dont you @Puzzler  ???

As for my exciting fun filled life, I have just moved the recycling from the kitchen bins to the bottom of the gardens bins! and its chilly out there! Glad Im not going out today ... I will be deciding on and hopefully attaching the binding to the Requilt today ... I finished the quilting yesterday and am contemplating buttons and labels which will be added last.

I went out yesterday to replenish supplies as I said and as this was the first time I had been out since my 'fall' (read that as shooting out from a canon) I was surprised at exactly how painful doing anything but sitting in a chair and sewing was ... Driving the car was excruciating! So after I had finished all my chores, which mainly involved lugging heavy bags (Ouchy!!) I went to my local Minor Injuries unit as I mentioned I might yesterday.

Well that did me no good at all ... They had closed it at the start of lockdown!!! and moved it to Wimborne (10 miles away) or Shaftesbury hospital (13 miles away).
The fully PPE'ed up receptionist tentatively handed me a piece of paper by outstretched fingers with phone numbers on and said I could no longer just turn up and had to be triaged by phone first.
I asked her if she could call for me as I was in some considerable pain at that point and wanted to get this sorted asap,

This elicited her eyebrows to rise and a definite refusal ... I explained I didn't have a mobile which saw her eyebrows approach take off which was my cue to leave. Once home I gave Wimborne a call and, again knowing the receptionist well from my blood test days at the Hop, I got a 'medical practitioner' calling me back in less than a minute.

The Upshot was, as many of you said yesterday, was that unless I was coughing up blood and unable to breathe there is nothing they could do. The MP said that they dont even bother Xraying rib injuries as the only treatment is rest and breathing exercises.

So I may or may not have bruised, cracked or broken a rib ... Rib injuries generally take 4 to days to properly present themselves (Spot on, I slipped out of the bath on Thursday night) they take 4 to 6 weeks to heal and Im not to do any heavy lifting, pulling, pushing etc (ooops I thought thinking of my recent, painful shopping expedition) and take cocody's to ease the pain.

But Today Really is the Day ... they say the squeaky wheel gets the greases and I have been squeaking away in the last week or so and late yesterday evening I had a call from the nurse who is coming to 'train' me how to self inject  :rolleyes: and give me my first dose of the new drug!

She asked a ton of questions about my health, experience and home but will be coming here just after lunch ... WOOO HOOO!!! :dance: instead of the 'up to a week' as previously forecast! I strongly suspect my consultant and nurses at the Hop may have had something to do with that!
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Re: Tuesday 27th October
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Good morning.

Off on a little trip to the Bramble Patch (again).  Need some fabric for the joining strips of a BOM quilt I’m making in class and some black and white to rescue DS1’s quilt.

This afternoon, I’ll be quilting more TSP BOMs.  I do like big stitch quilting but it takes me so long. 

@Puzzler , I “liked” the part about getting some fresh air, not boiler service or cleaning bathrooms.  I really should clean the bathroom.  Maybe I’ll mention it to Mr Pearl. 

@Iminei , glad you’re being sorted, although the receptionist could have been more helpful.

Have a good day, all.

ETA My jaunt to Bramble Patch has turned into a family outing.  That will clip my wings.
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Re: Tuesday 27th October
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More wfh for me. A bit short staffed as its half term and colleagues have kiddos.

Hoping to get some sewing in tonight.

Forecast here is rain all day.


Re: Tuesday 27th October
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We're off on our usual Tuesday jaunt somewhere for a wander round and a coffee.
Oil man has just delivered so we can lock the back gate again.
Cloudy and chilly here.
Triumph of hope over experience :D


Re: Tuesday 27th October
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Damp and mistly here.

After thoroughly cleaning all the paintwork in the lounge with sugar soap yesterday I am about to get  the paint brushes out!  Terry and George :woof: had better keep out of the way or there might be rude words said.
Brenda.  My machines are: Corona, a 1953 Singer 201K-3, Caroline, a 1940 Singer 201K-3, Thirza, 1949 Singer 221K, Azilia, 1957 Singer 201K-MK2 and Vera, a Husqvarna 350 SewEasy about 20 years old. Also Bernina 1150 overlocker and Elna 444 Coverstitcher.


Re: Tuesday 27th October
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Good morning everyone, get and overcast here too really need to go to the bank but don’t feel like it in the rain.
@Ploshkin  here is a photo of my Inkle loom, today I can’t decide wether to Inkle, knit , sew, or weave on one of my bigger looms :thinking: :thinking:
How did I have time to go out?
Of course I could do some H——-W and remove the layer of dust.
Glad to hear things are moving on in your treatment @Iminei


Re: Tuesday 27th October
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@Pearl, I like the bit about going to the Bramble Patch, not about the family outing. Make them wait in the car or send them off to McDonalds. If it's anything like my local, there's always a massive queue so that should give you plenty of time to acquire more fabric.


Re: Tuesday 27th October
« Reply #10 on: October 27, 2020, 10:14:35 AM »
Morning all - wet, dull and thoroughly miserable here....been to the garage to spray a picture frame gold and some Christmas decorations when I am at have to give them time to dry before another my painting gear top to toe as last time I ruined shoes with gold spray.
Have to write names on a football team picture mount today without fail.....otherwise it's just food as usual.

@Lowena - you would only get a take away coffee hereabouts - are some coffee shops open with you?

@Iminei - sure hope this new medication does the job - will be interested in that.

Have a good day all whatever you get up to.


Re: Tuesday 27th October
« Reply #11 on: October 27, 2020, 10:21:16 AM »
It's wet and dark again today BUT we have a finished roof!  :)
I'm still waiting to hear about the windows - if you didn't read the rant thread yesterday, the windows arrived and they were white.  They are supposed to be brown.  They are all made to measure and the current waiting time for windows is 7 - 8 weeks.  The builder is leaning on someone to fast track the order as it's their error.
I'm currently trying to submit a VAT return and have spent the last 15 minutes wandering round on top of the hill in the rain waiting for a bleeping security code to bleep on my phone but nothing has bleeping bleeped so I will abandon for now and go through the arduous process again later on.
Yesterday I finished the top of my Project Linus quilt but I can't show you or I'd have to kill you.  It's completely different to how I had originally envisaged it but I think I like it.  I wasn't really expecting to be doing much sewing until our building work is finished but the end is nowhere in sight so my bits and pieces are starting to creep back out of their hidey holes and litter the place again.
Have a good day all.
Life's too short for ironing.


Re: Tuesday 27th October
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Oh @Celia you shouldn't have showed me that!
I've always had a fascination for weaving.  As children @Flobear and I had weaving sets and we also used to cut pieces of cornflake packets and zig zag the ends to wrap the warp threads round.
I've always thought that I just haven't got the room for a loom (but there is a large soon to be sewing room above my head as I type!) but that is just gorgeous.
La, La, La I mustn't have one, I mustn't have one, I mustn't ................  :)

ETA Nooo!  Now I've gone and googled Inkle Loom.
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Life's too short for ironing.


Re: Tuesday 27th October
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Wet here today so not sure I’ll get out for a walk.

I didn’t finish with the laptops yesterday but read loads and sorted through my saved files so that I don’t transfer stuff that I don’t need.  Need to find out how to get some photos from the documents to photos app.  Nothing else on so I can take my time getting the new one how I want it but might continue watching a Craftsy class later. 

BIL has had two visits from a physio and us currently motivated to do his exercises.  Long may it continue.

Have good days everyone.


Re: Tuesday 27th October
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I feel for you and new windows. Ours are now expected just before Cmas, but blokey said given the time of year it may be just after Cmas. Whatever it sounds ike a cold day!

A damp and miserable dog walk today, I take great care now when I see mud after my experience at the beginning of the year!

Tomorrow's expected big GC/Hobbycraft/Lakeland visit has just been cancelled. Mrbeej has realised it is half term, it is near Cmas and will be packed. :'(
We will go next week instead he says. Can't risk him getting to near the Covid bug 

I am going shopping and hoping I can still get the frames I want for the patchwork picture (one of which I've screwed up!)
Then that will be the afternoon planned - correcting the screw up.

Oh yes before I go @Acorn what was the name of that bird seed firm please?
Trying to find my way on the Dark side