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Tuesday 27th October


Re: Tuesday 27th October
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Well positively a lot of energy going this morning in posts.  I have got my fingers working, and  bought a replacement scratch pole set up (three poles) as the other is a third wrecked and jamming up the cleaner with long threads.  I say a third because he's only hammered one pole, the sisal one.  When the new one comes I'll see if I can rejuvenate the old with fresh sisal.

I've ordered my Just Sheepskin slippers now it's getting a bit cool and  got some money off, £7.50 with a voucher.  I've been to the corner shop(Amazon) and bought a few more Christmas orders because they need posting end of this month to miss the Christmas rush.  Albert's SIL is going blind and difficult to buy for so I've finished up with getting her an RSPB bird clock like ours, which I thought was a really good idea.  DH's other present can wait while next month to see if I get a Black Friday discount.

I also got a bit carried away Sunday night.  I was looking for some nice braided trim for my soon to be started jacket.  Could not see what I wanted or liked until I settled on Joel & Sons, which means big bucks  needed. I kept going back wards and forwards to other  sites (did snips, cut them down and compared with my fabric picture) and finally went with Joels  at £9 a meter, although I found a 10% voucher which helped things a little bit.

I've also put the last coat of paint on my front window big sill, a quick job until the full Monty next year. 

So since it's tiddling down with rain, I'm going to play and read all afternoon, well when I've put my tools away.  Unfortunately himself seems to have forgotten that he volunteered to clean the ceiling fan in the kitchen and since he insisted he was the best man to do it, I'm not offering again.  Above my pay grade.

We've also been kept in Tier 2 and not got dragged into 3 by Nottingham, which is a good job because we are surrounded by Tier 1 borders although my silly nephew turned up on Sunday from a Tier 3.  I kept him outside and when he wanted to use the toilet I told him to go into the field and behind the garage.  It was blowing a hooley and bitterly cold so he got the message and departed.
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Re: Tuesday 27th October
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Day 3 with no kitchen sink. Washed up in the bathroom basin this morning. We're taking a break from kitchen worktops after yesterday's disaster & because I signed up for a Halloween trail so our display needs to be ready for tomorrow. I made a witch window display for the sewing room while DH dressed my dressmaking dummy in my skeleton onesie and put a noose round her neck. The new sink arrived in a coffin sized box, very thoughtful of IKEA. Before it rains we need to rig spooky lights, spider webs and a witch made by DH, she will be suspended from a rope between the sewing room window and a tall tree. The trail runs for 5 days so it's worth making more effort than usual. I suspect DH will miss dressing up in his Day of the Dead costume to hand out sweets. No door knocking or treats this year, just ticking off the houses on a map. The organiser has made a huge effort and after she started organising one trail, has ended up with 2000 houses spread over 8 trails.
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Re: Tuesday 27th October
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Good afternoon, it's now wet, windy and cold, ugh.
We went out for our usual walk earlier, how many variations are there for the same streets? Lots and lots of mallards at the pond in one of the parks, I've never seen so many there before. there were quite a few ducklings in the summer but nowhere near as many as there are today.
I've covered the 2 footstools, not great as I wanted the covers to be removable but they are ok. On to the bedroom curtains next, not my favourite makes but needs must as I would have to alter ready mades anyway.
Happy anniversary @Sara-S  :toast:
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Re: Tuesday 27th October
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Happy anniversary @Sara-S .
Osteopath has worked a miracle with the sciatica, it feels much better now. Soda bread was delicious and my friend gave me a few cheese straws that he had baked too. Raining hard outside so I am ready to settle down with another C J Sansom book "Heartstone".
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Re: Tuesday 27th October
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Shes been and gone after considering me educated!!!

Ive had my first jab and am scrutinising my skin for miraculous rejuvenation ... I am hoping for something like Meryl Streep experienced after taking the elixir in Death becomes her ... Well I can dream cant I ???

Done nothing all day except tons of washing ...  Maybe tomorrow?
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Re: Tuesday 27th October
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Happy anniversary @Sara-S.  A nIce meal at home is sometimes better the going out.  No need to dress up etc.

Well I’m late again!   Horrible weather here.  Wet all day. 

Slept well last night after bad night the night before.  So bright and breezy this morning.  Had a FaceTime chat with a friend.  Sorted dinner.  Had coffee.  Majestic wine man came with boxes of goodies!    :)   Been searching embroidery designs for combine harvesters!   More jersey fabric ordered for the grandsons.  I have a pdf pattern for me stuck together and need to get it cut out sometime.  But these dark evenings drive me downstairs to the lounge.   :(


Re: Tuesday 27th October
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Happy Anniversary @Sara-S  :toast:
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Re: Tuesday 27th October
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 :toast: Thank you all for the good wishes.  Dinner was yummy & I am now a little tipsy from the champagne.
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Re: Tuesday 27th October
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That sounds like fun, @Lachica .  Hope you will show us a pic of you window display.