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Janet Spink (Norfolk)


Janet Spink (Norfolk)
« on: March 02, 2017, 18:56:31 PM »
Beginners Sewing course
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Last year I was getting into sewing (and vintage machines) and wanted to learn more about sewing, and stumbled on Janet's website and contacted her to see if she would be happy to run a 'getting to know your Sewing Machine' day for me and the Singer 500a, I was kind of expecting a 'you what? What the heck is that?' to the 500a (they're worse than hen's teeth in the UK!) she just asked if I could bring the manual!

The day was brilliant! The 500 breezed through most tasks in a sturdy stylish kind of way, and she put us through our paces providing print outs and samples and getting me started on a sampler.

We covered a wide range of skills and stitches, buttonholes, different stitches, blind stitching, quilting, zips, sewing in a straight line. I came away with a small purse, and a little cushion, and so many tips and tricks.

She's an excellent teacher and so knowledgeable, she's also fantastic with overlockers and has several books and downloadable courses on her website for overlockers. I opted for a beginners course and she tailored it to my needs, but her impressive resume suggests she could challenge and inform all but the most advanced sewists.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her, so if you're out in this neck of the woods because you live here or are on holiday, do look her up! Personally I can't wait to organise my next session!

A bit of a vintage sewing machine nut! Singers: 500a, 401g, 48k Elnas: lotus SP & grasshopper, Bernina 530-2 F+R 504, Pfaff 30, Cresta T-132


Re: Janet Spink (Norfolk)
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Janet  is also a Babylock Overlocker specialist, and I believe she has produced books on how to do things on the various Babylock Overlockers.

A very long time ago Janet was also involved with Brother and machine knitting, whether she still runs courses on these I do not know.  Machine Knitting sort of disappeared, Brother no longer manufacture knitting machines, the only manufacturer of knitting machines these days is Silver Reed or just Silver - they took over the old Knitmaster machines.