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« on: February 13, 2022, 14:27:28 PM »
Has anyone used this site to discover a craft course that they've actually partipated in?

Their website states:
"CraftCourses connects people with thousands of artisan makers across the UK. We have a massive choice of in-person workshops, live online classes, online courses, kits, and our brand new handcrafted shop."

They do seem to have a great choice of wormholes down which I could easily disappear
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« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2022, 08:45:09 AM »
Haven’t used it but now off to have a look, I may be some time...
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I had a quick look yesterday evening.  There seems to be a lot of needle felting - which I haven't tried and also several darkside courses. 

In the past I did a couple of years of jewellery making (silver/gold) but that does require quite a lot of specialist tools and equipment, and I've had a go at most of the art techniques; watercolours, pastels ...

Currently I am interested in combining art and textile techniques.
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I had a look and quite fancied the picture needle felting, still thinking


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Ironically I was looking for some kind of online course to do so will have a wing over there and a lookie.
I really need to neaten up my sewing and have been doing embroidery in a hope of doing that, but then my embroidery doesn't look that neat either  :laughing:
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I must have a look. Apart from p&q, I do 3d needle felting and would like to add another string or 2to my now  :thinking:
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I fancy one of the stone carving kits - if the end result doesn't turn out as rubble  :laughing:  DH could incorporate it into the low wall/ seat he's going to build in the garden this summer.
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