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Flamenca fit


Flamenca fit
« on: April 24, 2022, 16:17:07 PM »
Had a flamenco evening on friday and last minute we were told we could wear our flam frocks if we wanted too. No need for much pushing there, I dragged out my favourite blue one and shock horror - it goes nowhere near me anymore - ARGGGGGHH. So out came the red spot - nope, the brown and cream, nope, the black and pink - er kind of. So I unpicked the accessible seams and let out where I could and it passed muster - phew.

As for the others I am having a rethink and won't try to make the dresses fit - my fat point is round my ribs, which is why the black and pink fitted me better as it has a deep deep keyhole back that is open to below the bra-line. As for the others the hips and waist bits fit fine so they might wind up as skirts. In fact my blue dress has already been dismantled and is looking very sorry for itself now.  Trouble is that whilst our practice gear is all stretch fabric and veh forgiving, the trad dresses are not.

I'm putting this plan in writing to discourage me from not finishing the alterations. :D
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Re: Flamenca fit
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2022, 17:50:01 PM »
my fat point is round my ribs,

And THAT is called the Menopause!

When I hit the menopause I went from 45 kgs (all my life, and absolutely spot on for the last 10 years as I was having 6 weekly weigh ins for my HOP appts) to 50 kgs almost overnight (well 6 weeks) and all of it went to a tube round my torso


I lost quite a bit last year when I worked in the carpark but now Im barely working again I still feel like a sausage in my old clothes  :headbang:
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Re: Flamenca fit
« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2022, 19:02:08 PM »
Tell me about it!  I now have what appears to be a shelf attached just beneath my ribs.  My weight hasn't gone up - the 'stuff' just shifted around.