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Platinum Jubilee Contest : May 1-31 (photos by 1 June) Big reveal Fri 3 June


Platinum Jubilee Contest
May 1-31 (photos by 1st June)
and Big Reveal on Friday 3rd June
Her Majesty The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

This June in the UK, we have an extra Bank Holiday for
Her Majesty The Queen's Platinum Jubilee, so as we are a British site,
our theme for the May contest is to commemorate this,
by making an item with a Royal theme,
or more generally inspired by what you consider to be ‘British’.

Thu 2 Jun   Late May Bank Holiday
Fri 3 Jun   Her Majesty The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

70 years of public service is a huge achievement


1. Sew, knit or crochet a garment, accessory or decorative item - for example a dress, tea cosy, hat or bunting.

2. Any fibre art is permitted for this contest - sewing, knitting, crochet, weaving, embroidery etc

3. The theme for this contest is Her Majesty The Queen's Platinum Jubilee, so choose whatever you consider to be 'British' to celebrate. The contest is not limited to the UK members, everyone is welcome!

Timeframe: Construction starts on 1st May and the item(s) must be completed by 31st May.
All entries need to be uploaded with the template and at least one photo by 1st June.
We will then have a Big Reveal on Friday 3rd June.

Template: Please submit your entries in this thread using this template

Details to include:
Your User Name and Entry Number (if entering more than once)
What it is with a short description on how you made it, any problems overcome etc.
Up to 4 photos

There will be a poll for Forum members to vote for their favourite(s).
(Number of votes will be proportional to the number of entries. If there are only 2 or 3 entries I won't run the poll.)

The winner can choose from The Sewing Places's
Prize Winners Enamel badge or Sew on Embroidered Patch!!!

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Our local residents association is having an event for Her Majesty The Queen's Platinum Jubilee on Sunday 5th June at the cricket ground from 13:00 to 18:00. We have tickets, so I could do with an outfit.

I'm thinking a mock wrap knit dress using multiple fabrics, including a bit of some union flag fabric left over from a 2014 tee shirt

I have other ideas too, perhaps a cushion cover with a flag made from buttons!


I’ve found these pieces of fabric in my stash. I wonder if there is enough for me to make something with them.
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Ooh @StitchinTime those are great fabrics for the contest topic.
Of course there is enough to make something, but what do you fancy? Cushions, placemats, bag, teacosy?


I have no ideas for this, and no time as am working for 2 of the next weeks and am off on hols again in the week in between. I'll be cheering you all on though.
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I had a mad idea whilst trying to get off to sleep last night - a capsule wardrobe for the Platinum Jubilee weekend.
I've not done a capsule wardrobe for ages, so a new one would be fun for me.

I made some jean type trousers in 2010 with subtle flag pockets, they no longer fit (as menopause has really messed with my waistline) but I kept them and could try to alter them to fit me now.
I fancy a wrap or mock-wrap dress in red, white and blue, perhaps a scrap buster, or maybe just blue with contrast edging.
A tee shirt or two, maybe a shirt (or perhaps my February scraps shirt works anyway as it has a lot of red and blue).
I need to avoid anything too costume-like to get sensible wear out of the pieces.


Rather than sew everything new I went back over this year (and a bit into 2020) and found I could pretty much do a red/white/blue set of outfits from things already sewn.

However if the weather is warm on those days, several of these outfits would just be too hot so perhaps there is some scope for sewing some more summery items.


I've been digging through the knit scraps box today and brought in the red white and blue bits, not enough of any to make a whole garment except for the very bright and bold union flag fabric which could be a top. There's 1.4 metres of that.


Discovered I also have 2.8 metres of plain bright red jersey and about .6 metre of blue, so thinking of a wrap dress half in the union jack fabric, half in the plain red (with a red back) with blue neckband and ties.

Hmm, too much?

Perhaps it would be less full on if only the sleeves are in the flag print, and the rest of the dress is red. Then if I want to re-wear later I could remove the flag sleeves and add plain red ones.
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I am envisioning a wrap dress, using the blue fabric for the neck binding and ties, and then the red and print for the rest.

I've sketched 3 options all with the blue bands.

The first has the front wrap and one sleeve in the print and the rest of the dress in red.

The second has the body in red and only the sleeves in the print, and the third has the upper body in red and the skirt in the print.

In any of them I could also run the blue band down the front edge of the skirt overlap to add a vertical line.

I have 2.8 metres of the plain red, 0.6metres of the blue and 1.4 metres of the union jack flag print.

All of them are lightweight viscose jersey with a little stretch.

I'm planning to adapt this wrap dress pattern from Prima September 2014 (nice to use a British pattern).

Which dress layout do you prefer?


I actually prefer the impact of the one on the left. The one on the right looks a bit unbalanced as a wrap dress (top and bottom would work better in a dress that distinctly divides at the waist) and the sleeves make it look a bit like overalls.

Bear in mind that we could have our one day of summer on the jubilee weekend so long sleeves might be too much, anyhow.
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Great idea! I also prefer the one on the left. Gotta love a bit of asymmetry!
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Thank you @Ouryve and @Lachica that was my favourite too, will probably go for 3/4 or elbow length sleeves.


So far I have made a trio of teapot toiles.
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Are these toiles for a teacosy for a teapot?