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Hello - ex sewer here. My grandmother was a dressmaker and mother used to make all our clothes when my sister and I were little. And I used to make all mine when I was a teenager - nearly 50 years ago! - but none since.

I really need some advice please - of the haberdashery rather than sewing variety. I've bought this gorgeous dress for my niece's wedding but sadly the back is so low my bra strap shows - and I'm neither young, skinny or flat chested to go without a bra!

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Any suggestions before I return it? Could I pin it? Tie it together with ribbons? Wear it with a woolly vest? Keep it together with a nappy pin?? Thank you  :)
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Actually, the first thing I would try really would be a safety pin - not a very big one - to see how it looks with the crossover held together a little higher up.  It just might be that simple!

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You can buy converter straps for this problem which might be a bit more secure than ribbons or safety pins. There’s a link to ones from Bravissimo below to show what they are like but you can probably find them from other sources.


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My first thought was the same as @Acorn 's, a small safety pin.  I always have to do that with any front cross-over dress, so why not for a back cross-over?
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Hi! I'm in the safety pin camp, if not, go blinhy & stick jewels on the bit of strap that shows.
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You can get bras designed for backless dresses, ranging from clever low strap jobbies, to stick ons!
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Welcome! Maybe cover the bra strap with a piece of matching fabric bought specially for that purpose?
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