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Hello (New Member)


Hello (New Member)
« on: June 05, 2023, 12:32:37 PM »

I’m another singer vintage sewing machine enthusiast and have a growing collection.

Always had an interest in sewing machines in particular vintage sewing machines and their restoration.
I make single line kites & windsocks and sew Ripstop Nylon fabric (Spinnaker fabric) using polyester nylon sewing thread.
I have the following sewing machines as detailed:

5 x Singer 201k dates range from 1945 – 1959
I have had fit new motors as needed with the 1959 201K being in mint original condition.
Shame the YDK sewing machine motor is only available in white!
The 201k is an outstanding sewing machine, some prices I see on eBay for example are quite staggering.

Singer 306k (1955) Excellent condition having had one previous careful owner.

Husqvarna Viking 19E
Husqvarna Viking 19E Special

Both Husqvarna’s produce an excellent straight & Zig Zag stitch

Frister Rossman CUB3
I was given this sewing machine having been kept in a shed.
I cleaned it completely, lubricated all oil points and sews beautifully

Industrial Sewing Machines
Sunstar KM 123A – Had this for almost for over 20 years having purchased it from almost new.
It is oil fed and sews up to 5000 stitches/min with a maximum stitch length of 4.3mm
Will sew for ever and a day.

Bernina 217 (Made In Switzerland) Straight & Zig Zag Stitch
This is my “Rolls Royce” sewing machine purchased well over 10 years ago.
It needed some attention, cleaned, oiled with the stand being repainted and complete with original motor.
Sews to perfection and I will never sell it!!

My current project is a Singer 95K10 – I have taken it from being cabinet based with an industrial motor to a domestic setting using a YDK motor which works perfectly well.
Despite the singer 95K10 being an industrial sewing machine the YDK motor works perfectly well for my needs.

When it comes to sewing machine restoration, I clean, adjust, and re- lacquer and do my best to restore any paint loss with care.
Other tasks include re-timing and upper thread tension assembly cleaning and replacing the tension release pins as needed as these do wear with time.


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Hello @skyhigh welcome, it sounds like you have a lovely collection of machines :-)


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Hello and welcome, sounds like you have a fab collection.
Crafting is my happy place

Silver Rose

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Hello @skyhigh and welcome to TSP.
Still learning


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Hello and welcome!


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Hello @skyhigh, welcome from me too. Oh my gosh, you have the vintage machine obsession worse than I have 😱.


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Hello and welcome from me too.