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Shambellie House, Dumfries


Shambellie House, Dumfries
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Various courses including:
'Alongside quilting workshops, you can also discover felting, dyeing, silk painting, embroidery, crochet, batik, dressmaking and much more.'


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Regretably, right this minute the only thing I could warm to @Deafoldbat was wellbeing.
Stash extension 2024- 4.1 meters
Left at the end of 2023 - 66 meters now (includes fabric found hidden out of sight)  Lining fabric not included


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Really weird,  my grandfather's first wife was called May Stewar from Shambellie House in New Abbey,  they didn't have children, he then married my grandmother and had three children, one of whom was my father. I remember going to tea with an elderly lady who was a Stewart back in the 60s in New Abbey.