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Extension tables to fit a Janome 4400


Extension tables to fit a Janome 4400
« on: October 25, 2023, 18:53:16 PM »
Hi All quilters

Newbie Sarah here who has just rediscovered the joys of quilting and am hoping to raid all your knowledge baskets!!😃

I use a Janome 4400 sewing machine which is basic but really reliable. In fact I like that it doesn’t have any computerised bells and whistles as it forces me to be inventive with what I can do with it. I say this as I would rather people didn’t suggest other machines in answer to my following question. No offence intended with that comment I just don’t want to waste peoples time, as I know how precious time is when you have a project on the go!😉.

I need an extension table to give me a little extra working area. I currently surround my Janome with books covered by a slip mat, which has been ok for the sample pieces I’ve made but I am now into the king size quilt area and see that my bodge job book extension is not going to cut it!! I have looked online at the janome extension tables and the cheapest which fits my machine is around £90. As finances are tight I’d rather not spend that much if I can possibly help it. So my question is does anyone know of any other brand of extension table that will fit my Janome 4400 but won’t require me to remortgage my house?!!😳

I am looking for a folding legs table top version as opposed to a dedicated table to slot my machine into. Many thanks in advance for all your help.



Re: Extension tables to fit a Janome 4400
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2023, 23:09:34 PM »
I think the problem is that while your machine may be a workhorse, Janome don't make a lot of accessories specifically for their cheaper machines, so the only one available us a customised table. Couling have it a whole £10 cheaper but it's still a lot of money.

My pfaff came with a Horn custom table and, tbh, it's nowhere near as useful or functional as the flip leg one that came with my Janome. It doesn't fit the contours of the machine very well and I end up constantly pulling heavy fabric over the snaggly bits, which defeats the object.
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