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Overlocker recommendations please


Re: Overlocker recommendations please
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Re: Overlocker recommendations please
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Based on my experience of teaching lots of people how to use and make the most of a domestic overlocker.  I recommend strongly, very strongly -

-  choose and invest in an overlocker that has a bigger more powerful motor than the economy level model whichever the brand.  That means look to the upper end of the mid-range offerings.  More money but worth the investment to get sufficient power to drive the feed dogs, cutting knife and needle punching whether sewing heavier fabrics, layers or lightweights. 
Economy models are assembled down to a price point and have small motors so are intended and designed only for lightweight fabrics.  If that is all it will ever be used for (no thicker fabrics or tougher layers) then there is a case for getting one, flog it to death and then replace it with another. 
My experience has shown me that users have more issues with economy models and often have to learn extensive trouble shooting skills to coax and nurse a consistently reliable and acceptable stitch from their machines.  It can be dispiriting and often puts people off. However, if you know how to achieve what you want with an overlocker, then you can boss these models to sew, even if it's not exactly a pleasure to use.

- avoid models where you have to open out the front of the table or a door to engage or disengage the cutting knife. 
When overlocking in the round, it's an utter PITA to have to avoid trapping the fabric when closing the foot or front of the machine to continue stitching after disengaging the knife.  Much simpler and much quicker to turn a knob or push a button or lever or twist your a vertical knife up or down.   

-  avoid models where you have to change needle plates, or change out stitch fingers to be able to sew different widths of overlocking stitches. 

Brands - Juki  Juki, Juki, for value/performance.
Then Babylock and Bernina although both are ridiculously expensive in the UK for what you actually get. 
Then higher end Janome/Elna models and higher end Brother models. 
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