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Jones z-690 Foreign


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If the Sandhurst on your name tag is the one on thr Berks/Hants border, you could try this place. I have used him in the past. Have a chat with him perhaps?


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Farnborough Sewing Machine Repairs and Services
07510 122361
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Re: Jones z-690 Foreign
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Maybe a Facebook group for Jones/vintage sewing machines would be able to help.


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Hi Bill,

Thanks for this, i really appreciate your advice. Would I need to look for someone who specialises in vintage machines? Or should most sewing machine repair people/shops be able to work on this machine?


Hi Emily,

As others have said, I think any reasonably competent sewing machine repair shop would be fine. I've not personally heard of any specialist vintage repair shops but that's not to say they don't exist.
To the best of my limited knowledge, all sewing machines regardless of manufacturer or design follow the same basic mechanical process from power input to final stitch. It's the seriously tight engineering tolerances and extras stuffed into the end machine that complicate matters and most shops if they've been around a few years will have no doubt serviced and repaired hundreds if not thousands of machines over that time.
I hope you'll send us all some pics of the machine though. We all love a bit of sewing machine porn here  :laughing:
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