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Advice please


Advice please
« on: August 17, 2017, 19:17:21 PM »
I have decided I might like an embroidery machine which is capable of embroidering letters (words/ names) on things but am on the fence as I think I would only use it occasionally and am worried that a cheap one off eBay would be false economy. I have been prompted to think more seriously about it as I enquired locally for someone to put a name on apiece of fabric and they quoted me £5 + VAT.
I assume not all embroidery machines do lettering??
Does anyone have thoughts on makes or prices I should consider.
Thank you
I saw this and was tempted!


Re: Advice please
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2017, 08:55:16 AM »
I have no experience of anything but my Janome 350e, but something to think about maybe that with mine and the appropriate software on the computer, I can programme a whole word and it stitches it in one go, and it's lined up and well spaced.  With that sort of machine it would be selecting one latter after another, which I don't really know how well it'd line up and space the letters?  On the other hand, it's very cheap compared to an embroidery machine - and there is a "Make an Offer" button, I've made offers and negotiated a few times on ebay.


Re: Advice please
« Reply #2 on: August 18, 2017, 09:21:51 AM »
Like B&S, I only have experience of my Pfaff 1475cd, which although it does embroider all kinds of patterns and letters, is limited to what is pre-programmed.  Although it does have a memory, and I'm able to embroider names etc.  The drawback is that the quality on some of the letter styles is iffy, and the sizes are a bit small.  I can do monograms, but again, not found them very successful.

I think maybe a bit of research before you buy, and try to arrange to try the machine out.

I came across an attachment which does monograms/letters, but the drawback was that you had to purchase individual cams.

Still and idea though.

Hope you get fixed up.

Jessie, who is very happy to be here!!  :),  but who has far too many sewing machines to be healthy, and a fabric stash which is becoming embarrassing.


Re: Advice please
« Reply #3 on: August 18, 2017, 14:22:36 PM »
If lettering is what you are after. Then it needs to be good quality. With a sewing machine that has alphabet capabilities you are restricted to the width of  zig zag the machine does.  Many of these types do not allow you to alter the size of lettering either.  Some will do just capital letters and others have a lower case feature too.  Personally I think this machine was a bit overpriced.  Obviously sold abroad, hence the foreign labelling. 
How often will you want to add lettering to something?  Would it be more cost effective to pay as and when needed.  That way you should be able to get a more professional result than with this type of machine. 
If you are looking at embroidery machines, then try your local dealer and see if they have any second hand ones.  Often people trade up.  Otherwise, new ones start at around £800. 
Be careful of EBay.  I have seen several people get ripped off with embroidery machines.  It makes me angry, as these are generally people who can't afford to buy new, end up paying way over what the machine is worth and end up with a machine that is on its last legs.


Re: Advice please
« Reply #4 on: August 18, 2017, 18:29:04 PM »
Thanks all for your replies, I have had a rethink and Ohsewsimple you are right -I will stick to paying as I go,  the lady I have made contact with is only 2 streets away and it would take a lot of fivers to add up to the price to buy a decent machine.
Problem solved!


Re: Advice please
« Reply #5 on: August 18, 2017, 18:48:22 PM »
Don't want to put you off but if lettering is all you want it for then you are probably right.  And you should be able to have a choice of fonts and sizes.  Embroidery machines mean purchasing embroidery thread in various colours, bobbin thread, stabilisers and depending on the machine, maybe even software.  :o :o
I assume the lady near you uses a proper embroidery  machine.  There is usually a price per thousand stitches, with a minimum cost.  That is how most people work.  Lettering is generally easy and cost should be reflected in the size and number of letters required.  A friend of mine does loads of embroidery work but uses a big one.  I have a domestic one, hence all the possible useless info.   :) :)