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Will this work?


Re: Will this work?
« Reply #15 on: September 25, 2017, 23:27:26 PM »
With a shaped sleeve head you'll need to do short rows (millions of tutorials for those!). I pick up half the number of rows on each side plus the number across the top, then wrap and turn (one way to do short rows) at each picked up stitch. Personally I find it easier if it's graphed out, so I print off free knitters graph paper and mark the outlines so I can "see" how the puzzle fits together!

The one reason to knit pieces is that seams provide some structure. I never worry about it for wool or acrylic, but alpaca, silk, or plant fibres seams can help check the growing they are prone to. Three needle bind off of shoulder seams works, but I don't like grafting. That area needs stability. If there's shoulder shaping, using short rows will allow them to be bound off together, which I find much neater than trying to sew two stair steps together.

Or you can just follow the pattern instead of tying yourself up in knots, but what's the fun of that?