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Beginning to regret buying this machine - possibly...


Re: Beginning to regret buying this machine - possibly...
« Reply #15 on: October 23, 2017, 16:25:59 PM »
The Bernina 1130 -  ... It's so much quicker and more straight forward than on many modern computerised machines where you select the function then the + or _ and have to wait for it to reach the number you want.
You're spot on with that, Morgan. My lovely old Viking (TOL in the late 70s) was sadly on its last legs when I got the Pfaff so it was really when I got the 1020 that I realised how much more I liked the feel of the mechanicals, in particular the sense of being in control rather than being a computer operator. So it may sound strange that I then wanted a computerised 1130 but, being an early model with lots of dials and quick button selection rather than touch screen, it still feels like a mechanical just with some short cuts. Now I just need to source a knee lift at a realistic price - the last one I saw was around £80! Everything works fine but it's not as silky as my 1020 so, having cleaned and oiled it myself but not taken it apart, I think it might be worth a service by Mr Theobald.

Nevertheless I will no longer even contemplate selling my Pfaff P5 as it can do things the others can't. It's got presser foot pressure for a start off, such finely controllable speed for really tricky stuff, it's got that wonderful IDT which is better than a walking foot imo and an amazing array of stitches to name a few.

Many thanks for the book tip, Elnnina. There are 2 copies under £5 on ebay so I'll definitely get one of those.  :)
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