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Evernote on iPad for organisation


Evernote on iPad for organisation
« on: November 08, 2017, 12:48:57 PM »
As I read various sewing forums and articles, I have inevitably come across articles I would like to keep or notes I would like to make. Of course, I can save links on an iPad but I don't find them nearly as easy to navigate as on a computer. I started saving articles such as those on body shape as pdfs but I'm afraid I will use all the memory on my iPad in iBooks which is what I use to read them. So I got thinking about ways I could organise everything about sewing - sewing techniques, style, patterns I'm interested in, etc.  I used Onenote at work  but it doesn't work that well on an iPad and Evernote (very similar) is better, so I downloaded the app and set up a notebook for Sewing. (Imagine a paper notebook with different sections for subtopics). You can also add notes and images.

I was getting myself in a tizzy about how to save these wonderful articles and write down my sewing plans as well. I haven't played with many of its features yet but you can also add tags which is really useful for finding things.

There is a free version and a subscription version and both allow you so much space per month. I'm using the free version.

What I don't know is if the articles I have saved to Evernote are actually now pdfs on my iPad or simply links to the original articles on the web which makes me wonder what would happen if the articles disappeared from the Internet. Would my saved articles disappear, too?

Also, I have still to find out if you can make tables in it because you can in Onenote.

Anyway, thought I'd share my efforts to try to organise all the goodies I come across. Do any of you have any other methods?

I could simply use my 27" iMac but I can't very well carry it downstairs and put that on my lap! Besides I use it mainly for making videos. I do have an older 17" MacBook Pro but it's heavy and the iPad is just the right size for browsing at the moment.