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Support The Sewing Place!
« on: February 28, 2017, 22:20:57 PM »
Help support The Sewing Place!

We're entirely not-for-profit but it still costs us to keep the site running, therefore we offer a subscription. All funds go back to making the forum better!

Subscription starts at £1 per month or £10 a year, that's less 20p a week to help support The Sewing Place.

For your money you will get access to our subscriber area, which includes detailed reports of exactly what we are spending the money on. You'll also have the ability to upload photos to the gallery. But perhaps most importantly you will feel the warm glow of satisfaction knowing that you have helped to make this place happen!

Please support by taking out a subscription, just go Profile > Actions > Paid Subscriptions. If your paypal email is different from your forum email please drop us a line to warn us!

If you would like to make a larger donation our paypal address is If you don't do paypal, please message Iminei or Francesca who can arrange a manual subscription.

Thank-you to all current and future supporters, without you we wouldn't be here!
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Re: Support The Sewing Place!
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Thank you to everyone who supports The Sewing Place through subscribing!

You can support us monthly with £1 subscription


with a £10 subscription

It is your choice!

Obviously we would like you to subscribe to the yearly subscription:-
Its cheaper for you and we receive more of your money as the Paypal fees are considerably lower

The monthly £1 option is the default but if you hit the down arrow on the subscription box,
it will bring up the yearly £10 option

Whichever you choose we are thrilled!

Thank You

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