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2 sock at once


2 sock at once
« on: December 29, 2017, 11:53:29 AM »
One of the grandsons asked for a balaclava  ("with the pattern on that jumper you are knitting")  The only one I have is for small children and his head measured the same  as mine, so I searched the web and found one brought up to date from an old Australian Comforts leaflet. The pattern was going to be either 70 or 100 years old, which I thought would interest him, so I did bit of research on it and found this: the Lady Mayoress's guide to knitting two socks at once.  It seems to be done by fitting one cuff inside the other, then alternating the stitches from the two socks.  There is a warning that it is only for expert sock knitters.  I do hope the link works.  Has anyone ever tried this method?

The balaclava turned out well and it has just gone to the post - can't get a photo because the camera is flat, but perhaps they will take a photo at the other end and send it back to me.  Had flu the last week and a bit of small knitting was about all I was fit for.  Sewing etc sounds like torture at the  moment. Hopefully I will be fit in a couple more days.


Re: 2 sock at once
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2017, 11:59:56 AM »
Very impressed that a youngster actually asked for a balaclava and also that you were able to supply one. Hope you feel better soon.
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Re: 2 sock at once
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2017, 12:02:31 PM »
No I haven't seen that before. I can see how it works, but the possibility for disaster seems HUGE LOL and it would take just the same length of time as knitting them separately, so I don't think I'll try.

Thank you for such and interesting thing though :heart:
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Re: 2 sock at once
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Well, it does come with a Dreadful Warning.  I like the idea of finishing both at the same time - can't bear starting a second sleeve when I have just finished one, so I have to knit two at once there. I'm not sure about using different coloured wools and doing two sets of two- that would be even more oppressive.
Thanks Tamnymore, today I have hopes that I will survive!  Grandson was introduced to balaclavas since he tried the one I made for his elder brother when he was about three. (he asked for purple, but I toned it down by putting a dark brown edging on a strong purple) Being hand knitted it had a lot of stretch and was worn for at least a couple more years. They got to see the benefits of having warm ears before that age when they dismiss everything.  They spend a lot of time outdoors but I'm not sure it will go on into teenage. 


Re: 2 sock at once
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That would take my mum back t&t.  She was 10 when the war started and used to knit socks for soldiers at school.  I don't suppose there are many children of that age these days who would be able to knit socks.
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