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Re: Ease
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@Acorn . Can you put the pattern pieces up so we can see them or is that not possible?  I had a look around to see if anyone was showing the pattern pieces for this skirt but there doesn't seem to be any. The line drawing on style arc page definitely shows the flounces more flouncey yet on the made up example on their page, it isn't as flouncey as the line drawings. But you should be able to make them more flouncey on your made up skirt. Which fabric did you use?

I like the colour of the fabric and the skirt looks good all the same, as it is as well. 
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Re: Ease
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I think I'd better not put the pieces up as it would theoretically be possible for someone to enlarge and use them.  They aren't as curved as I think they probably need to be to give a good flounce.

My fabric is a linen-look - possibly a remnant from Abakhan.  It's slightly on the lighter side for linen.

It is a very well drafted pattern - there is undoubtedly too much ease, and I'm not sure how representative the sketches would be even with a lighter fabric, but still well-drafted.  The 'flounces' sit very nicely and it was very easy to sew, even with the easing in of the curves.
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Re: Ease
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I know nowt, but to me your skirt looks just like the others in the image. just saying
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