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I don’t normally show my face in this section of the forum,  but crochet is turning out to be a good occupation right now, and I’m churning out vaguely floral bits in thickish wool DD got for me at the local discount store. They haven’t got a project home yet, but maybe cushion cover, blanket, wrap or kimono type top? She got me shades of mauve and a black.


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Do you have pics, please, Jen?  I'd love to see them.


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They aren’t that special Pearl, just simple shapes from a basic book, but it’s a good occupation, because working one by one, I’m not going to lose my place in a big way. As the yarn is thick they grow quickly. I have a book with more ambitious ones, 100 flowers the knit and crochet by Leslie Stanfield. I imagine throwing a few of those in to the mix later.


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if you fancy a change, these slipper socks are a straight forward make and I love the crocodile stitch.  I like that I could pause the video to follow along.  A neat decrease method is used.
(English Crochet version of ) Stitches used are -
Chain, Double Crochet (DC) and Treble (TR)
The crocodile stitch is made over 2 rows and uses chain and trebles.

Part 1 (the sole and upper)
Part 2  (the crocodile stitch ankle)
(I just had to get used to Kiki using different terms for the stitches - eg. for treble she says a double crochet, for a double crochet she says single crochet)
There is an astonishing number of video tutorials/demos of different styles of slipper socks

Perhaps try some ballet shoe type slipper socks and use some of your flowers to make them more interesting - a look book type video for ideas


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They’re really nice Morgan!