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New Year, new plans for the forum. 2018 announcement.


New Year, new plans for the forum. 2018 announcement.
« on: January 07, 2018, 21:53:24 PM »
Hello everyone! As discussed in our suggestions thread over Christmas we now have a list of a few things we'd like to implement, fix up, change about et cetera.

Here is a list of all suggestions that we plan to carry out. The forum will be one year old in March so we're really happy with how the forum has changed since then, but we hope to have these items in place for our one year anniversary!

Technology Upgrades

  • We plan to upgrade our server with some additional security software including increasing our back-up schedule. - We are currently taking twice-daily backups of the site.
  • Improve the experience for viewing photos that have been attached to a post with some small style changes
  • Working to improve how the gallery works to encourage more use
  • Investigate why some users don't receive their confirmation email once they've been approved and providing easier contact to administrators so no one is locked out!
  • Improve the code that runs the forum behind the scenes - this is an ongoing task and won't be immediately obvious to all members but instead allows us to build in new features in the future.
  • Purchase an SSL certificate to offer even more security to members - done!

Forum Workings

  • Patterns and Fitting board to become Pattern Discussion only with all wardrobe projects sitting in the main In The Wardrobe board. - Done!
  • Add labels to the For Sale boards for easier filtering.
  • A feature to @mention members (which will send an email, optionally, to the mentioned user) - done!

New Moderators
  • We will be shortly appointing new moderators - Done! Welcome Lowena and Roger
  • We may also have a new member of the admin team joining us, which we're very excited about! - Done! Welcome Manuela

Things we won't be implementing at present
  • Unfortunately we cannot add an empathy button as requested, the software doesn't allow it, but we have put in a request for it to be added possibly in the future, though we can't say if it will.
  • Email notifications for "liked" posts - again not something we can currently do but has been requested

Thanks for all your suggestions, and here's to a fab 2018 for The Sewing Place!
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Re: New Year, new plans for the forum. 2018 announcement.
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We are pleased to say that several of the items above have now been completed, with more to come.


Re: New Year, new plans for the forum. 2018 announcement.
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Lovely - well done, looks very positive!
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