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Fabric HQ, at the Bucks Goat Centre near Aylesbury.


Fabric HQ, at the Bucks Goat Centre near Aylesbury.
« on: April 14, 2018, 17:32:27 PM »
When I saw Twopence on Thursday I happened to mention Bamboo Jersey and the lack of anywhere near here that sells this.  Instead she told me about a place called the Fabric HQ which is a lovely little place set among other craft orientated places at the Bucks Goat Centre near Aylesbury.

So I went out that way to see for myself, and it is a lovely place, I only went to the fabric shop!!!, but I found some knit fabric that is thicker than the normal thin single jersey knit, and generally I was very impressed with their set up.  It was light and airy, plenty of room lots of lovely fabrics, mostly patchwork and quilting, some good haberdashery, some dress patterns not the usual Vogue, Mccalls and Butterick type but others I had heard of but had never seen, Mettler threads, and something called Aurofill which they say is the best thread – but I wouldn’t know, and they do classes in all sorts, and they also do a few dress making fabrics.  However their knit  fabric section was much bigger than other places I have seen, different thicknesses, some patterned and some plain,  I also spotted and bought some Mary Ellen’s  Best Press which is a Clear Starch and Sizing Alternative.

They have a a website  and are found on facebook –, on pinterest – pinterest,com/fabrichq, on twitter – and on instagram –

So whilst other places around us here in Bucks., are closing down  it is nice to know that there are other places opening up.

Sadly I must say that Just Sew that was over in Northwood, Middlesex, has now closed down completely.  Such a shame as I had bought some very nice fabrics over there since I discovered them a couple of years ago.


Re: Fabric HQ, at the Bucks Goat Centre near Aylesbury.
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It sounds like a delightful visit.  I found a little write up on TripAdvisor.
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Re: Fabric HQ, at the Bucks Goat Centre near Aylesbury.
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Yes, it's a great place (am trying to avoid a repeat visit as I am so weak-willed).  There are crafty places too and a nice cafe as well as the goats.  Hmm.  Just wondering if I can persuade DH for a road trip..... :devil:


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Nevis, may I suggest that if you are thinking of visiting the Goat Centre and also visiting the Fabric HQ shop that you make contact with the shop first.  They did mention something to me about changing the hours that   they operate, but to be honest it sort of went over my head.  I am reasonably local, so it doesn’t matter too much to me – I decided to go back on Friday afternoon after my visit that morning, and found them closed – this was because of the Easter holidays and they had shut at 2pm, and I know they did mention that some days they were going to close at 2pm but I cannot tell you which days.  So I returned yesterday morning.  I have two phone numbers for them – 01296 615212  and a mobile that was on display outside the shop 07761957283.  They are closed on Sundays though.

I did not venture into any of the other shops on the complex nor the actual area where the Goats are. Over the years I must have driven past this place hundreds of times but have never been in there, so when the Fabric HQ place opened I do not know.

I was on the hunt for some plain knit fabric possibly Bamboo jersey – hence my asking Twopence about this and she had seen this slightly thicker than the norm knit fabric and I went to investigate.  No it is not Bamboo which I was after and still am, but what I have will do for the moment.

Whilst in this place the ladies mentioned that there were three fabric places within  a good distance that were closing down or stopping selling dress fabric.  One was Threads and Patches which I believe is up near Milton Keynes,  one is over Hemel Hempstead way but not the shop that is called Needlecraft, and the other was the   fabric side of Home Counties Sewing Machines on the outskirts of High Wycombe.  Whilst I have never been to Threads and Patches nor the Hemel place, I have frequented the High Wycombe place, and if they are giving up on the fabric side then I will come unstuck as I have bought a lot of fabric from there plus I now get my Amann overlocking threads from them.  I shall have to go and investigate further.  Ironically I was in the High Wycombe place just after Christmas and I thought the fabric side of things looked a wee bit sparse but was fobbed off as it was between seasons.  I knew they were selling off their Embroidery threads and tapestry wools, and part of the craft side of the shop had been partitioned off and part of that was filled up with industrial sewing machines,  I shall have to choose my day so there is someone I know who might tell me what is going on.  Might have to go and spend yet more money particularly on linings and overlocking threads.


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@Elninna thank you for that information.  I hope that the Fabric HQ shop isn't in danger of closing!  it's only been open for a short time I think.    I'll definitely check the opening times if/when I go again.  Am surprised to hear that Threads and Patches might be endangered, it's been quite popular amongst the quilting fraternity round here but I haven't really seen much dressmaking fabric in there anyway.  I haven't been to Hemel for donkey's years, didn't know that any of the fabric places were still in existence.  I've never been to High Wycombe for the shops, just driving through it makes me  :angry: and stressed!  LOL.

Am trying to stay clear of all fabric shops while I'm sewing up my vast and unwieldy stash but maybe I should take a trip out to Aylesbury as it's in a good cause  :devil:  Took my children to the Goat Centre before it smartened itself up, they absolutely loved it there (about 20 years ago now!).


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Hi Nevis,  Well I have never been to Threads and Patches but I know that Twopence has and I believe it is up Milton Keynes way but I could be wrong.

There is quite a good fabric shop called Needlecraft in Hemel Hempstead, on Cotterells,  and this is not in the actual shopping part either,  so there is patchwork and quilting, dressmaking fabrics, knitting wools, a good haberdashery section, patterns and it is on the road coming from the A41 that is near the or what was the Kodak building.  Apparently there is also somewhere in Hemel another fabric shop possibly one that was just for P&Q, but I do not know where it is/was, or what it was called.

There is a fabric shop in Aylesbury in Cambridge Street, so the street that runs parallel to the High Street called Fabrickay that again sells a mixture of fabrics and knitting wools.  I am told but haven’t been to see it for myself that there is a small place in Princes Risborough called Sally’s or something like that.

As for High Wycombe, Home Counties Sewing Machines and Fabric Centre are out of town which is nice and easy to get to and to park.  It is on the road that goes above the Railway Station and is set among houses.  However if it is true that they are finishing selling fabrics then that will be a blow.

In High Wycombe itself there is a smaller shop tucked up a road near to the central church - Priory Road or Priory Street, called Just Wright, a small selection of fabrics and haberdashery.

So around this part of Bucks there is not a great deal of choice for fabrics.

Like most people I have bought fabric that I like when I see it and have an enormous stash, I have occasionally bought mail order and that has been fine.  However I find I  now have to travel quite a distance just  to buy sewing thread and of course I like Gutermann and I like the Amann overlocking thread.  So when I visit a shop I tend to stock pile on threads and  packets of needles much to their surprise – they think I am breaking needles – oh how wrong they are, and when I say that I have a few machines and change the needles regularly say after a day’s sewing, I see the look of astonishment on their faces, yes even the ladies that are demonstrating the machines!

The last time I went over to the Northwood shop that has just closed (31st March) my fabric shopping purchases were more than what  she took in a whole week, so she was always pleased to see me.  It was a popular shop and she had been running this place for many a year, she had some lovely fabrics – some were not cheap, but she was over retirement age and she really wanted to retire.  Sadly though no one was interested in taking over the business which was such a shame.


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@Nevis5 @Elnnina  I think that Fabric HQ has been open for about six years or so now and are in their second premises at The Goat Centre.  I found them by accident after seeing their advert in the back of a magazine.  It was tiny print and pink on teal print so almost impossible to read.  I hope they keep going but The Goat Centre is almost on the HS2 line and some of the adjacent housing has already been bought up by them and is currently rented till they start work on the line.  When that happens then probably all the businesses there will have to move.

Apart from online, the only shops for quilting now are Lady Sew and Sew in Henley or The Bramble Patch in Weedon both of which are about 30 miles away.  We can always look at shops when away though and fabric makes a good holiday souvenir  :D

Fabrikay had some nice batik fabric when I last popped in.


Re: Fabric HQ, at the Bucks Goat Centre near Aylesbury.
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Aylesbury is about an hour from me so I'm definitely going to engineer a convenient drive-by sometime for a look at their jerseys. Thank you for posting it.

Yes, @Nevis5  Threads and Patches is closing but it's because the owner is retiring. She never had much dressmaking fabric so my purchases were always habby related. It wasn't as convenient for me as Tudor Rose Patchwork in Oakley (near a friend north of Bedford). I've no idea if she's put out feelers to see if anyone is interested in buying the business but that's the reason for the closure.
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