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50% of Jaguar sewing machines


50% of Jaguar sewing machines
« on: March 24, 2017, 17:15:53 PM »
I have received an email today from GUR with details of 3 machines with 50% off if you use the promo code JAG50.
It does also state:This offer is not advertised on the website and we have only sent this to a small selection of customers via email.  If you use code i hope it works for you.
The machines are the Jaguar 594
Jaguar DQS
the Jaguar 487 overlocker

Hope the links work i too am struggling but thanks to UttaRetch for instructions

Modified as links did not work, hope second attempt does
Modified again, sorry folks gone back to the long version of hyperlink as 2nd attempt didn't work either.

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