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fabric problems.


fabric problems.
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I need advice, i'm using Laura Ashley Whinfell fabric to make cusion covers, the problem i've got is that the fabric shreds i've thaught of using pinking shears but do'nt know which to get,i've also thaught of iron on tape,being a novice i hav'nt a clue, so before buying loads of ideas, whats all your advice, cheers  :facepalm:


Re: fabric problems.
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Just a sewing machine?  Use the zig zag or triple zig zag stitch to edge it. 


Re: fabric problems.
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Not sure if your query is about handling the fabric while you sew or to prevent the cushions deteriorating in use. If the latter, when I make cushions, I make them 1.5cm bigger than I want, trim the seam allowances slightly,  turn them to right side (you'll need to be careful pressing the seams open), then do a sort of french seam on the right side, 1.5cm in to enclose the raw edges.

If it's handling while you sew, you could fuse strips of lightweight interfacing around the edges. You could still use the method above. I wouldn't use pinking shears.