The Sewing Place

I'm being very daring and stepping away from my OCD tendencies and comfort zone


As you know, I choose a project, buy for it, and see the whole thing finished before I think about the next thing.........not any more :devil:
I have completed a quilt top.... fine.......layered the top and wadding.....fine.....went to add the backing when.. :o :S It wasn't big enough  :angry:
I can get more tomorrow, but, I had earmarked this afternoon and evening to quilting  -< So, what's a girl to do?  -<
I began something else!!!! I had been bought a jelly roll and a layer cake ( Smitten by Moda ) for my birthday so I had the fabric. I have a book called "Jelly Roll and Layer Cake Quilts" by the Lintotts, found one I liked and.........started to cut up the strips and squares Woohoo.......... how daring am I ??   0_0
Triumph of hope over experience :D


Cut and marked the blocks, hope it rains tomorrow ( probably will as it has rained all week   :\ ) so I can at least begin block assembly before I go away ....... I'm feeling very rebellious  0_0 :D
Triumph of hope over experience :D


Welcome to the darker reaches of the Dark Side @Lowena... if you come a bit further in you'll find the really good biscuits.

Don't go off to the left though, that's where the people doing FPP are sitting, and you don't want to get tied up with that...  :o
I might look as though I'm talking to you, but inside my head I'm sewing.


 :o :S :o No I certainly do not ever want to be contaminated by FPP @Acorn  In fact I think I can see  :devil: himself lurking off on the left  :|
I still can't believe I'm doing this  :| I must finish the original asap or I might drift into just making quilt tops ( my favourite part of the process ) and that way.......disaster lies  :ninja:
Off to Sainsbos to buy a King size sheet for the backing... I wish they weren't all fitted  -<
Triumph of hope over experience :D