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Our First Month


Our First Month
« on: March 31, 2017, 22:07:52 PM »
Good evening Mistresses and Masters

The Sewing Place opened its online doors one month ago, 1st March. Although I am an expert in human cyborg relations and am proficient in over six thousand forms of communication, sewing forums are a new area for me, and so I must admit to a certain amount of trepidation on opening day.

Over the first weekend we suffered some problems with the site. If I had hair I would have been tearing it out. However the problems turned out to be with our hosting company. I am happy to say that we have been running problem free for most of March.

We have 242 members, of whom 77 have supported the forum by donating or subscribing. Thanks to everyone, subscriber or not. Up to close of play last night, 30th March, TSP had had 898,719 hits and served 567,410 pages, resulting in 18.2 Gigabytes of bandwidth being used. So nearly a million hits and over half a million pages served in our first month. The internet server has to work quite hard for a forum to operate, as each page served is unique.

You are a chatty lot -  last time I checked there were 7,172 posts in 566 topics.

Finally I have to say (because Mr Iminei is poking his pirate sword into my back telling me to) that the work involved in setting the forum up has been a delight. This is a wonderful place, made so by the people who are here. Thank you all and long may it continue!

Be excellent to one another