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First crazy client of 2019


Re: First crazy client of 2019
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The first time  I had a quilt long armed, The Undulating Terror, I went to a woman who was recommended to me.... I asked over the phone how much it would roughly be, gave her the measurements and was pleasantly surprised to hear a figure around the £65 - £85 mark.

I then travelled the 25 miles to her home to deliver it and discuss designs!

Boy could she talk!!!

She yakked and yakked and yakked, finally we started to discuss the design I wanted and then we came to fees and time expectation.
She said about a month as she had a queue of projects awaiting quilting... fair dos, she then told me it would cost £125!

After I gathered my jaw off the floor I asked why the difference between the quoted price on the phone and now, the quilt hadnt got any bigger and it was a basic all over pantograph. She said that was the standard £1 per square inch or some such so I accepted it, left it with her and went home.

Three months later, after calling up regularly to see how she was getting on, I went back to collect it, unquilted and still very much at the bottom of her 'queue'.

I took it to Andrew at White Orchid quilting, about 10 miles from me ... I returned a week later paid my £100 and took it home and was delighted with the result.

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Re: First crazy client of 2019
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 I'll tell people that my prices start at £x, but I won't go any further than that without seeing them. I told this possible client that hems started at £x per layer, but may be more, depending on how the hem is sewn (is it handstitched? is it overlocked? is it tulle that's just cut and left raw? is it an enclosed hem? too many variables). I can tell a client that taking a bodice in costs from £xx, but I can't tell them more than that until I know for sure where the adjustments are needed, if the dress is boned, if the fabric is beaded, or sequinned, or if the bodice is perfect and she meant that the waist is too tight. I've given up trying to work out what people are trying to describe over the phone - come here, put your dress on and let me do my own assessment, and then I'll give you an accurate price.


Re: First crazy client of 2019
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Nice to know someone else who has met one, but can you beat someone who wants trousers without a seam underneath?
@toileandtrouble Some outdoor/active/cycling trousers have a sort of gusset instead of one seam, is that what he meant?
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Re: First crazy client of 2019
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I don't think he had any idea.  Last night, I was picturing a large diamond gusset, right out to the legs and up the back, but at the time, there were too many other issues to tackle so I left him with the bought ones and concentrated on the outer garments.  He had a yen for coloured corduroy trousers and got several pairs in lovely rich colours.  All in the past  now, they moved away.