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#3 Greybird's entry
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House Beautiful Contest Voting Thread


House Beautiful Contest Voting Thread
« on: January 13, 2019, 00:18:38 AM »
No 1 Bodgeitandscarper’s 1st entry

I made a clock, a machine embroidered clock.  The design is on some sort of cotton/polycotton?? out of my stash, which I knew would pucker a bit with the embroidery, but I kinda like the effect.  I added the numbers to the design, and an "o" in the middle for the clock hands - I didn't quite get the middle in the middle perhaps?  The square outline should have been better positioned too, but I thought the machine had finished and removed it from the hoop, then didn't quite get it back in  in the right place.  A whole series of bodges, but hey, it tells the time  0_0

The embroidery was glued on to a piece of mdf using copydex, which worked ok-ish as the heavy stabiliser stopped the glue coming through the fabric.

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No 2 Bodgeitandscarper’s 2nd entry

And my second entry is a hanging thingy for the machine embroidery hoops.
More of the cotton/polycotton from stash, I carefully measured, and cut pockets of suitable sizes, then embroidered each before adding to the back.  I then checked the first hoop in the bottom pocket - lovely, then the second hoop and pocket - oh b^^^^^^s, it doesn't fit!!  That will be because I measured for the pockets using the 7" x 12" hoop instead of the 8"x 12"...
So, gussets!  You can't beat a couple of well place gussets.  Unfortunately my first attempt still wasn't wide enough, but a quick reduction of the seam allowance (note to self - unpick the old stitch line, not the one you've just restitched!) gave enough space for the hoops.  I then made a pocket at the top for a length of dowel, but made button holes to thread hanging cords through and round the dowel.  It hangs on the side of a stash-filled Billy bookcase/cupboard.
It does it's job  0_0

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No 3 Greybird

Here is my entry. When I finished working I decided to try and make use of the many pieces of vintage and antique textiles I had collected over years (note, a collection not a stash!), and I started making cushions like these. I did start selling them but after a bad experience with a place that took them on sale or return they got pushed into the loft where they remain to this day. Last week I came across my remaining collection and decided to make some more, so these are not out of the loft!
Two of them are using vintage crochet work and linen with a remnant of Ralph Lauren linen and the other is made from part of an antique Italian pillowslip that I bought in Florence and an oddment of French quilted linen. For the envelope backs I used a damask tablecloth. The "design" is led entirely by the limitations of the scraps of fabric. They are actually square although they don't look it in the photos.

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No 4 Fiona M

 I made two Swedish peg bags as belated Xmas gifts for friends I don’t see very often. 
They’ve been handed over now, so I can share the photo.
One has a novelty cat print, and the other is two toning Kaffe Fassett fabrics.
I adapted the pattern after making a prototype.  The original pattern has a quilted fabric base, but these have a Perspex disc inserted to make them a little more ‘hardy’.
This is the original pattern

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No 5 SewRuthieSew’s 1st entry

Closet Case Ultimate Scrap Busting DIY Fabric Floor Pouf made from various denim scraps.

The directions say to sew using a 3/8" seam allowance but the pattern piece has 5/8" marked. I went with 3/8"  but my top section came out larger than the bottom. So I would suggest making the top first and then cutting the bottom to fit (then if the seam allowances are a bit off it'll still fit).
Also do make sure you sew pieces together to make 2 halves, I ended up with 3 thirds and it was tricky to do that last seam!

Mine is almost finished. Its 4 inches taller then the original (and somewhat wider due to the seam allowance thing). I added two handles, which are great for moving it about.

I plan to add a covered button to the centre to hide the mess where they don't meet neatly. And I will be adding lots more scraps (don't worry I have them!) to fill it out and make it nice and firm.

However this is what it looks like so far.

The plain dark blue denim was taken from actual jeans. These were thicker and had no stretch. all the other denim turned out to have some stretch which made the sewing quite interesting.
The floral denim was some jeans I sewed for myself but did not wear much because the floral was a bit much.
The light denim and grey looking denim are the right and worng sides of some 'reverse' denim that is pale on the right side with dark on the wrong side. The threads are indigo and off white but read as shades of grey here. The handles are in the floral denim. The base is in the dark side of the light denim. The zip on the base came from an old coat and is very chunky.
The inner lining is made from an old sheet and some cord from an old blind. Lots of recycling going on in this project.

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