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Blown the budget, again


Blown the budget, again
« on: January 14, 2019, 16:13:41 PM »
Over Christmas I have made a few purchases for next year.  Shouldn't have but feeling down it raised the spirits.  So I've got jacket fabric, dress fabric, lining fabric.  The jacket fabric I got it then changed my mind when I had a feel, not quite as stiff as I hoped (faux suede), bit on the floppy/flowing side.   

I'd also been patterning hunting for a coat as the three I have seem more on the 'going somewhere  special' type and the fourth and fifth are more for up to your wattsies in snow type (I would add that one is at least 20 years old  and the other from 2005).  So I've gone for more casual and with a zip in the front (the amended Waffle Bamboo with the zip).  The latter I'd picked out some fabric but hoping I could buy in February when the slate is clear on plastic again.  I just happened to look today and they were down to around 5.5 meters so of course, loved the colour, just what I wanted and bought before I missed the boat.

Never mind, I've got a sewing calendar set up so at least I know what I'm doing  ;)
Stash extension 2020 - 13.7 meters
Left at the end of 2019 - 39 meters